You started a detox plan for the new year with all the best intentions, but tell us the truth: Are you still sticking to it? No worries if you aren’t, because there’s still plenty of time to get all aspects of your life on track for 2015. And this infographic from is here to help you out with that. It shows you how to detox your life in just a week. We’re not just talking juice and salads. Read on to take steps to finally unplug, de-stress and feel the best you’ve felt all year.

weekly detox
weekly detox 5
weekly detox 2
weekly detox 7

You may be aware of doing things like making time to relax, eating healthy, keeping toxin free and exercising. but it’s important not to try and do everything at once, as so many people often do, usually resulting in their detox plans completely falling through.

weekly detox 3
weekly detox 4

By taking one day at a time to try something new, you can slowly see what works for you and what doesn’t. Heck, you could even stick to this plan for the entire year, taking each day to focus on an aspect of your detox to keep your life in balance.

weekly detox 6

At this rate, we’ll be fully detoxed and ready to cleanse even more aspects of our life in no time.

What do you think of this step-by-step plan? Will you use it to map out your detox? Tell us in the comments below!

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