We don’t know about you, but after all the summer BBQing and cocktailing by the pool, our systems could use a little cleanse. No offense to juice, but if we hear about another detox that involves nothing but liquid for an entire week…. well, excuse us while we scream. So forget the three-day juice fasts. We’ve scoured the Internet for ways to get the job done without us wanting to eat our left arm. Here are the 10 that we just might be willing to do.

1. Sweat It Out: Alright, so forget about losing weight. Sometimes your skin just needs a thorough sweat to work things out of it (hey, hangover). Saunas, especially infrared saunas, which mimic the sun’s rays without the harmful UV radiation, have been used for detoxing for years. Just make sure you drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. And don’t stay in there too long! You can only sweat out so much. (via PopSugar)

2. Spice It Up: Need another way to sweat it out? Not only do spices like cayenne pepper, black pepper, curry and cinnamon help the detox process, they’ll add great kicks of flavor to your food. Chicken will never be boring again. (via Healthy Food Mix)

3. Take a Bath: We don’t know about you, but we’re always looking for a good excuse to take a long hot bath. Epsom salt in your tub water will not only draw out toxins from your body, but it comes with a whole host of added health benefits. (via Zest and Zeal)

4. Just Breathe: Deep breaths — there’s a reason people tell you to take them. Deep breathing, and particularly a technique called ujjayi breathing, will help you detox by building heat in the body and eliminating excess carbon dioxide. And since you can practice 15 minutes of deep breathing anywhere, it’s a great way to continue the detox process at work or even on the bus. (via Healthy Aeon)

5. Drink Green Tea: Green tea has crazy high polyphenol counts, which are antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, the destructive compounds in your body. Have a couple of cups a day to get those toxins moving! (via Fitnea)

6. Grab Some Shut-Eye: The glymphatic system, which eliminates waste and toxins from both the body and brain, is 10 times more active during sleep than wakefulness. And as an office full of sleep deprived workers, we’re begging to reach for a pillow and detox in the easiest way possible. (via Just Simply Health)

7. Add Green to Your Lunch: Veggies like broccoli, kale, arugula and Brussels sprouts are so rad that they get to go by the name of superfoods, but did you know that they also help promote natural detoxification? Yup, this is a detox that you actually get to eat with. Freaking hooray. (via The Chalkboard Mag)

8. Brush: Not only does using a natural, dry bristled brush on dry skin a few times a week stimulate circulation, which helps toxins flow more freely out of your body, it also eliminates dead skin cells and reduces cellulite. (via Simple Sense Now)

9. Embrace Whole Foods: No, not the store. Eating whole, healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, free-range eggs, lean protein and nuts will help jump-start your body’s metabolism and make you feel better, so skip the pre-packaged stuff and whip up some tasty eats. (via Mind Body Green)

10. Drink Water: The best way to flush toxins from your system is to simply flush them by drinking lots and lots of water. If plain water isn’t your thing, add citrus slices, fruit or mint for a hint of natural flavor. (And yes, you can still eat all the wholesome food you want.) (via Earth’s Food Catalogue)

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