We would be lying if we said we are totally crazy about drones. While they have sparked our curiosity, we haven鈥檛 seen anything yet that has made us totally drone obsessed. Sure, it seems like there are drones being developed to help us with every sort of task. There are ones that assist us in planning our next vacation to ones that can save our lives. Now, with the advent of Lily, drones are revolutionizing the way we take pictures鈥 and they鈥檙e finally fully grabbing our attention.


Lily is a sleek little drone that can take pictures or videos of even the most intense adventure from above. Compact enough to fit in any backpack, this is the perfect device to take on the go. It鈥檚 waterproof, so you鈥檒l be able to capture incredible footage no matter the elements. This gadget can fly above, in front, in back or parallel to you, so you can catch the sites around you from every angle. The gadget鈥檚 tracking device allows it to follow you without any setup. It also includes GPS tracker, making this accessible for even the least tech savvy.

Lily Tracking Case

Lily is already available for pre-sale. Not only will you be a tech trendsetter, but you鈥檒l also save a bundle. Pre-sales are being offered at half the retail price. If you鈥檙e an aperture addict, this might be the perfect drone for you.

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