It seems like every time we turn on the news, something horrible is happening to people in areas where there aren’t enough resources to give them the help they need. But here‘s some good news. A Dutch engineer has created an Ambulance Drone that can administer a defibrillator, connect to doctors and ultimately save lives in remote or troubled areas.

From delivering meds in developing countries fighting disease to finding stranded hikers or helping a victim, this drone has plenty of potential for improving health around the world.

The defibrillator is easy to use, which is especially important because it’s likely that only 20% of the people who encounter it could operate it without instruction (though that number goes up if a trained professional is nearby).

Designer Alec Momont was inspired to create the Ambulance Drone after learning that over 800,000 people suffer cardiac arrest in the EU each year, but only about 8% survive. The main reason for this is the delay between the onset of the attack and the arrival of emergency services, especially in difficult to reach or dangerous areas. His drone would eliminate that delay.

We’re eager to see the implications for this technology. Will it really be possible to send medicine, oxygen or important health equipment to people in remote areas? We hope so. In an age where the world can feel pretty scary sometimes, it’s nice to know that the potential for healing and helping is growing and changing.

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