With more and more makeup-free celebrity selfies showing up on our social media channels, and with minimal makeup looks on the rise in general, we’re in store for a whole new way of putting our faces on. This is exciting not only because it plays to our lazy-girl sensibilities, but, more importantly, this is also a big step toward finally embracing a more natural face. Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE makeup. Using it makes me feel beautiful, and the instant confidence I see in clients after I do their makeup is undeniable. But there is something to be said for a more minimal look that can really show off your authentic features, and it’s wonderful that it’s not just acceptable but encouraged these days.

So, let’s talk eyeliner. This is a go-to product in many gals’ makeup arsenal, and may well be on your short list of desert-island beauty products even if you’re a minimalist-loving lady. We’ve seen big graphic eyeliner and the ever classic cat eye winged eyeliner, but this trick is the most subtle, natural way to rep an otherwise very bold beauty staple — stippling, or dotting, the eyeliner along your lash line. Here’s how to master this game-changing hack!


The Technique: Stipple Dots Motion


Here, I’m demonstrating the stippling motion on my hand to show how you’ll apply these tiny dots to your lash line. You want to press very gently to make very small dots to achieve this subtle look, and it may be a good idea to practice on your hand so you know how much pressure to apply with whatever liquid liner you end up using. I’m using L’ORÉAL Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black ($9).

Application: Stipple Dots into Lash Line


Using the same technique you did on your hand, make those little dots in between each of your eyelashes directly in your lash line — NOT above or below, in your waterline. This is going to take some time if you’re new to this technique. You also want to make sure you move slowly and allow the time to get it right, because poking yourself in the eye is not the route you want to go (trust me on this, it sucked!). That being said, don’t beat yourself up if it takes you a while to complete the look using this technique. Even I, a well-rehearsed eyeliner applier, had a few eye-poking moments! But the results are SO worth it.


You can see how subtle yet fully effective this technique is. If you look really closely, you can’t see any clear line of eyeliner, but it’s easy to see the effect when you compare it to my eyeliner-free right eye.


Normally, it’s easy to see the tiniest flaws in liquid liner application, but in this case it looks completely seamless!


Are you sold yet?! I am!


This is one more eyeliner technique to add to your bag of beauty tricks. It’s perfect for those days when you just don’t feel like wearing any makeup, but need a little something to enhance your natural gorgeousness, or for the days you want to rock a really bold lip and don’t want your eyeliner to compete. Once you get a little practice with this hack, you can easily pull this off in minutes.

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