Whether you’re seeing your mom IRL or over FaceTime, you best be sending or giving her a heartfelt card this Mother’s Day. Bored of the usual greeting card aisle options at your grocery store? Us too. So we whipped up a set of eight downloadable postcards that are all about celebrating YO MAMA.


You can download and print individual cards, or simply take a screenshot of your favorite one and text it to your mom right now!

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04. Yo-Mama-Jokes-longform-images_1080x1920-07
06. Yo-Mama-Jokes-longform-images_1080x1920-08
07. Yo-Mama-Jokes-longform-images_1080x1920-04
08. Yo-Mama-Jokes-longform-images_1080x1920-05

Design: Annie Kubena