I stare at a beloved iPhone with a cracked screen (I know: bad feng shui), but thanks to Kickstarter, now I know there is truly hope for the future. My next phone companion will be in good hands — err, a really good case, because human hands and limbs are fallible, plus we’re always carrying tons of stuff! What’s the solution? Turn your phone into a little handbag and let it hang on to you, instead of the other way around. That’s what three brothers from Purdue University did to create Loopy, a brilliantly secure phone case with a comfy, nifty loop for your middle finger on the back.


Available for iPhone 6/s, 6/s Plus and Galaxy S6, Loopy promises to #StopTheDrop and make one-handed phone use easier and more natural. After three years and a couple design competition wins, Loopy was secured with a patent, and now it’s coming to the public via Kickstarter.


The backing loop is where the magic really happens on this gadget: It promises to lay flat in any pocket, comes in cute, interchangeable colors and functions as a makeshift kickstand for watching videos. Plus, it’s been tested for 10+ pounds of tug!

Not only will it prevent clumsy drops and cracked screens, but it’s also going to make it easier to use your phone, especially the large iPhone 6 plus and Galaxy S6. Texting, taking photos and shooting videos will be smoother and pinkies will stop working overtime gripping the bottom of phones in place.


This is genius and sure to make it easier to be a more responsible phoner (= phone owner), but don’t spend too much time fawning over these GIFs, — there are only a few hours left to contribute to the campaign and secure a Loopy case of your own. The full retail price will be $40 per case, but right now, $29 or more will get you access to the inventory, expected to arrive in January 2016. New year, new phone, new you.

Keep your smartphone close (and off the ground), while better preserving the natural muscle patterns in your hands and arms? Sign us up! What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!