When you work out, there are definitely certain ways you want to feel. If you’re rock climbing, you may want to sport something that’s going to make you feel super supported, whereas if you’re mid-yoga sesh you may want a pant that feels a little more relaxed. So instead of arranging their pants by fit like they always have, Lululemon is about to really change things up.


Starting today, Lululemon stores will arrange their infamous pant wall by the feeling you get when you wear them. The wall will feature five different categories of sensations: relaxed, naked, held-in, hugged and tight. These are arranged in order of lowest compression to highest. So you can expect their Jet Crop to fall under the relaxed end of the spectrum, while the Wunder Under will fall closer to hugged. All of Lululemon’s preexisting styles will be assigned one of these sensations. The brand is also launching four new pant styles that are designed to really embrace the categories. However, two of those have both a crop and full-leg version, so there are really more like six new styles.

All of this is well and good, but how exactly do you know when you need which kind of pant? Until now, we’ve pretty much been rocking the snug yoga pant for just about everything. To provide a little bit of context, Lululemon’s Design Director of Future Concepts Antonia Iamartino explains, “Educators will be on hand to help our guests determine how they want to feel when they work out. The ‘Align Pant’ in our Naked category is ideal for yoga. Runners will love the locked-and-loaded feeling of the ‘Tight Stuff Tight’ in our Tight Sensation and the ‘All the Right Places Pant’ in the Held-In category is the perfect cross-sport pant, with zoned compression and strategic fabric blocking.”

Which Lululemon style is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photo via Lululemon + Elvert Barnes)