If you’re still working on those 2015 fitness resolutions, rock climbing is amazing exercise that works your entire body — arms, back, core and legs — while also torching an insane amount of calories. It’s also really fun and social since you’ll need partners to help out with the rope situation. Since rocking the right gear (pun fully intended) can up your confidence level, we’re sharing essentials for a babe who’s on her way up in the world.


1. Eldrid Jane Women’s Climbing Harness ($38): Brightly colored and adorable, this harness is top rated for value, quality and durability. Climbers also liked the quick adjust feature.


2. Black Diamond Vector Climbing Helmet ($70): This cute, bright helmet is also top ranked for safety, something that’s important when you’re doing a sport that has you floating a couple stories up in the air.


3. The North Face Chalk Bag ($13): Sweaty hands lose their grip, which makes chalk an essential tool for indoor and outdoor climbing. The convenient top grip bag and waist strap, combined with North Face’s long-lasting materials, make this one a winner.


4. White Gold Pure Chalk ($10): Speaking of chalk, you’ll be grateful to have this aptly titled “white gold” tucked away in that chalk bag.


5. Chalkbag Cotton Belt ($6): It’s no secret that we’re big fans of color. If you’ve got a chalk bag that doesn’t come with a belt, then secure it on this cute, patterned cotton one.

6. La Sportiva Tarantulace Rock Shoes ($80): These shoes are great for an all-day outdoor climb or a few hours at the gym. Climbers love the quick-pull lacing system that delivers a snug and precise fit while moisture-wicking materials on the interior keep feet dry and comfortable.


5. The Mammut Tusk SuperDRY Rope ($168): This provides everything you want in a rope: high strength, minimal weight, comfortable handling and durability. When you make the big investment in a rope, you’ll want something that will last through all your climbing adventures.


8. Botanic Sports Bra ($42): You’ll want a bra that gives you comfortable support, but it doesn’t need to be boring. Bright florals will look perfect whether you’re scaling walls inside or out!


9. Hardtail Keyhole Crossover Tank With Bra ($44): Crunchy and cute, this crossover tank will take you from yoga to the wall in style and comfort. You’ll get bonus points for matching your harness, helmet and chalk bag.


10. Maison Knicker ($36): Looking for new climbing bottoms? You can’t beat this fun pattern and technical fabric.

Got any more rock climbing essentials? Tell us about it in the comments!