Tricking out your future home with high tech accessories doesn’t have to break the bank, at least when it comes to smart lighting. LuMini makes certain of that. Now at just $30 per bulb, you can add the feature to your pad—didn’t think you’d be able to cross “jump on the home automation trend” off your digital checklist so soon, huh?

This super affordable Bluetooth bulb was made with an IKEA-type budget in mind, seriously—fans of its predecessor, the Lumen, were hankering for a model that could fit into smaller lamps, like those sold at the Scandinavian home mega center, and its creators, TabuDesgins, delivered with a bulb that’s 1/3 the size of traditional LED versions. So even if your table lamp budget peaks at $5, you can turn it into a smart light.

However, this is a case of you get what you pay for. While LuMini features a lot of what we love about more expensive smart lighting systems, like an array of dimming and brightening settings that are controlled with a compatible app (free on both iOs and Android), white light isn’t really LuMini’s thing—it’s dim at best, according to its creators, so if you’re looking to replace every socket in your home with a smart bulb, stick with the big players.

LuMini really shines as a supplemental lighting source, setting the mood with millions of on-demand colors quicker than a Marvyn Gaye playlist ever could. The app features a variety of pre-programmed modes set to enhance your environment, like the calming “relaxation mode” for those at-home yoga sessions, or “party mode,” when your LuMini bulbs synch their glow to the beat of your music. Epic ragers, here we come!

Let’s get one thing straight: LuMini is by no means “cheap”—plush features were left behind in order to create a budget-friendly bulb that makes smart lighting accessible to nearly anyone. And we totally respect that. Now if only the rest of future tech could get on board!

Would you add the LuMini to your home lighting system? Or would you rather splurge on a complete smart lighting makeover? Tell us in the comments below.