We’ve come a long way since Pac Man. 8-bit no more, these days higher resolution and frame rates make what’s happening on screen look like it’s happening in real life. The team at State of Play has actually built a game from real life using the skills and extreme patience of an architect, photographer and model maker. Welcome to Lumino City.


Lumino City was handcrafted bit by bit using paper, mini lights and motors, and it totally puts every dollhouse we ever had to shame. In real life, this 10-foot-tall town is filled with houses, gardens and even a water wheel, all of it super colorful and vibrant.


The State of Play team worked on the game for three years… and while we weren’t the ones putting in the elbow grease, as a viewer we can say it was totally worth it.


Lumino City is actually a sequel to the puzzle game Lume in which you’re Lumi, a little girl looking for her grandpa in a dark house. In Lumino City, Lumi’s journey continues beyond the house and into the town where she’s on the hunt for her grandpa again.


The entire set was intricately lit, photographed and filmed and then put into motion with code. Unlike games that enhance their graphics with paper texture, you can feel even more immersed into Lumino because what you’re seeing is real, in a way.


It seems that the more progress and innovation we see in the tech realm, the more we’re able to use that technology to bring tangible objects to life. You can download the game for Mac or PC via Steam or Gog.com.

Try out the game for yourself and let us know what you think!

(h/t The Verge)