Never underestimate the power of crepe paper to turn up any party space or plain Jane room. That鈥檚 right 鈥 the delicate paper usually designated for streamers can be used to create fabulous home decor, next-level party favors and even wearables like headbands and fringe crowns. All you need to do to make it happen? Some bright-colored crepe paper, a pair of scissors and some glue. You鈥檒l be pleasantly surprised with the cute and quirky results.

1. Crepe Paper Poms: Add a pop of color to any room by hanging up these crepe paper poms. The more the merrier, if you ask us. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

2. Crepe Paper Bunting: This quick and easy DIY garland project only requires crepe paper, yarn, a stapler and scissors, but has a major impact on whatever room it graces. (via High Plains Thrifter)

3. Petals Wall Hanging: How gorgeous is this crepe paper petal wall hanging? We can barely believe it was made out of crepe paper. It鈥檒l take some time to make, but trust us 鈥 it鈥檚 time well spent. (via Oh Happy Day)

4. Party Backdrop: String up a color blocked flurry of crepe paper strips to create a bold party backdrop that can be hung as a photo booth setting or even behind your food table. (via eHow)

5. Giant Fringe Letters: Nothing says 鈥淚 love you鈥 quite like spelling it out in fringe-y crepe paper letters. This DIY is made even more romantic by the ombre color scheme. <3 (via Green Wedding Shoes)

6. Conversation Heart Pi帽atas: Bring those teeny conversation hearts to life by creating these crepe paper pi帽atas, messages and all. Fill with actual conversation hearts to take it to a very meta place. (via Studio DIY)

7. Fringe Crowns: Have a free-spirited little one at home? They鈥檒l love these fun and spunky fringe crowns made with colorful crepe paper and floral wire. You might even, too, come next summer鈥檚 festival season! (via Cakies)

8. Giant Paper Flower Party Hats: These are the most adorable party hats we鈥檝e come across in awhile. The bigger the flower (and the smaller the tyke), the better. (via Oh Happy Day)

9. Photo Booth Backdrop: Layer colored crepe paper to create a fabulous striped photo booth backdrop. Because every good party needs a rockin鈥 photo booth (or two)? (via Lovely Indeed)

10. Tassel Garlands: If you can cut straight lines, you can make this party garland. We love how this festive garland looks when it鈥檚 color blocked, so be sure to grab a few hues of crepe paper before you get going. (via Brit + Co)

11. Punch Board Calendar: Next holiday season, forget about those advent calendars you buy at the supermarket. Instead, create this crepe paper punch board calendar for an interactive holiday treat. (via You are My Fave)

12. Candy Corn Pi帽ata: Sure, Halloween just ended, but swap that white, orange and yellow crepe paper out for green and you鈥檝e got an Xmas tree pi帽ata perfect for the upcoming season. (via Brit + Co)

13. Pom Pom Cupcake Topper: Here鈥檚 a simple DIY cupcake topper project for ya. Fold up multicolored pom poms to make your sweet treats extra colorful just like that. (via 6 Bittersweets)

14. Paper Flowers: Besides never wilting, paper flowers are some of the most versatile pieces you can make with crepe paper. Weave your bestie a gorgeous flower crown for her wedding, wrap the faux blooms around party lights to take your decor up a notch or just plunk a bunch into a vase and never worry about watering. (via Brit + Co)

15. Mini Kite Cake Toppers: These delicate crepe paper kites are absolutely stunning. We can鈥檛 think of a more whimsical way to top a cake! (via Oh Happy Day)

16. Fringe Layer Streamers: Turn crepe paper streamers into fringed garlands to add texture to your party decor. Yes, it requires a LOT of snipping, but it鈥檚 so worth it for the look. (via A Subtle Revelry)

17. Crepe Paper Butterflies: Did you just double take too? These butterflies are part origami, part coloring book and 100% amazing. (via Oh Happy Day)

18. Pom Pom Party Hats: Craft these hats for your little cutie鈥檚 next birthday party. They鈥檒l be an absolute hit. (via Oh Happy Day)

19. Candy Poppers: These DIY candy poppers will make great party or even wedding favors. Start saving your toilet paper rolls鈥 NOW. (via Style Me Pretty)

20. Modern Crepe Paper Lanterns: Because everyone needs a crepe paper lantern at some point in their lives. (via Project Wedding)

21. Paper Dots Garland: Polka dots are always a good idea, especially when they鈥檙e made out of crepe paper and strung into a garland. Even use this stringy piece as a table decoration. (via Oh Happy Day)

22. Floral Photo Booth Backdrop: Believe us when we say the photo booth backdrop possibilities are endless. In this version, we鈥檝e turned crepe paper into pinwheels and flowers and to make the wall look like it鈥檚 bursting in bloom. (via Brit + Co)

23. Snowflake Strand Lights: Let it snow. Give strand lights a wintery makeover with snowflake-cut tissue paper. (via Brit + Co)

Which of these crepe paper crafts are you swooning over? Tell us about it in the comments!