This is an intervention: It’s time to lose that old Garfield lunchbox and get something a little more grown up. But ditching the plastic pail doesn’t have to mean you can’t still look cute when toting your edibles from home to work. Cram those carrots into something chic and you’ll soon be the star of the show. Read on for 25 of our favorite lunchtime looks.

1. Aladdin Insulated Tiffin Lunch Set ($31): For starters, this isn’t a kiddie box. It’s stackable, insulated and can keep food cold for over three hours. If we had three lunch wishes, this would be one of them.

2. Miyama Bento Boxes ($199): Okay, okay. We know $200 is A LOT to pay for a food receptacle, but these beauties are handcrafted in Kyoto with rare Japanese wood. This is for the true lunchtime baller.

3. Marlow Lunch Bag ($25): This waxed leather bag from Anthropologie will have you eating in style.

4. Maison de Lunch ($21): For delicious, triangular onigiri, this little bento is the perfect home sweet home.

5. Gel Cooma Bag ($19): You don’t have to be a zoologist to see that this is the coolest bag in town.

6. Travelus Lunch Bag ($30): This structured lunch pail even has a mesh upper pocket attached for napkins and silverware.

7. Cool, Calm, and Connected Bento Box ($15): Leave it to the cute-collectors at ModCloth to find such an adorable, retro lunch box like this. Channel your inner 1950s pinup girl!

8. Takenaka Bento ($28): There’s nothing better than a classic bento, which you can buy in any color you’d like! (Photo via Design Love Fest)

9. LifeFactory Food Storage Cups ($15): LifeFactory has created a brilliant portable container! It’s made of glass, but covered in silicone so those of use who are prone to spillage need not worry.

10. Artifact Lunch Bag ($65): Another waxed canvas tote that’s a perfect present for him!

11. Flair for Fare Tiffin Box ($28): This oh-so vintage design is adorable, but we’re really digging the fact that this portable container stacks so beautifully.

12. Black + Blum Lunch Pot ($22): This two-pot canister has a watertight lid and includes spork and carry strap. Tres cute!

13. Terrarium Diagram Eco-Friendly Bag ($16): We love terrariums in every way, especially when they’re donning our lunch paraphernalia.

14. DIY Leather Lunch Bag: Guess what? These glorious goldies can be made at home by YOU. (via Creators of Desire)

15. Reusable, Rewritable Chalkboard Lunch Bag: We smell another DIY project! You can write anything on these babies.

16. Fluf Organic Lunch Bag ($29): Why write on your bag when your point is already getting across?

17. Large Picnic Bag ($44): There are three ways to reshape this bag depending on the amount of food you are carrying. Whoa!

18. LunchSkins Sharks Lunch Tote ($15): It’s safe to go back into the water with this seaworthy lunch bag.

19. Sachi Red Insulated Tote ($20): Bright and beautiful, this lunch bag actually looks like a fashionable purse!

20. LEGO Lunch Box ($22): Leggo my luncho! Okay, we just couldn’t resist. But just LOOK at this thing. We’re dying from the nostalgia.

21. Lunch Car Box ($14): This is a great box for junior, sure, but we can’t help but want to get in on the fun. It’s sure to transport you to the best lunchtime ever.

22. Monbento Original Bento Box ($36): We love how this lunch set has a decidedly Pantone feel. Sign us up!

23. BNTO Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor ($9): You need a Mason jar to make this attachment work, but we love it because it turns your receptacle into a bento box!

24. Pret a Paquet Lunch Pack ($21): For the health-conscious out there, this lunch tray has pockets that are nutritionist-approved so you’re sure to pack the perfect portions.

25. Collapsible Salad Set ($15): And last, but not least, this baby is for those of use with the age-old problem — trying to pack a salad with dressing on the side.

Know of a respectable lunch receptacle? Show us the light in the comments below!