If you dye your locks on the reg, chances are, you’re familiar with the costly cycle of hair color maintenance. The whole process of hitting up the salon or refreshing your hue in your own bathroom can be expensive, time-consuming, and messy. One company is aiming to ease the burden (and the toll on your wallet) with a new concept focused on touch-ups.

Madison Reed is known for their at-home hair dye, and if you live in Manhattan or San Francisco, you can check out the brand IRL at their Madison Reed Color Bar. The mini-salons offer customers color touch-ups that don’t take all day — in fact, most services are under $100 and are speedy enough that you can get them done during your lunch break.

We headed to the San Francisco location to get the lowdown from their manager and lead colorist, Rachael Thomas. Check out the video above to learn about (and see) three different services — including one for those of us who have virgin hair but want to amp up the dimension. Stay tuned as Thomas drops knowledge on a special hack that works wonders on building up sparse brows too.

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