Last time in our Make It Mini video series, we showed you how to make an *adorable* mini airstream advent calendar. This week, Make It Mini goes into full holiday mode with a DIY mini knit hat to keep the minis in your life warm — mice friends, opposable thumbs and, of course, teeny snowmen and women. All you need is basic knitting skills (check out Brit + Co’s online class), yarn (we chose Holiday red and white!), two pairs of knitting needles (one for each color), a fork and a pair of scissors (for the pom-pom finishing touch).


First cast on eighteen stitches in the round. Then knit two rows in red before switching colors.


Next, knit two rows in white. Then repeat!


Lastly, it’s time to make your pom-pom by wrapping both colors around a fork and tying through the center.


Once tied, just take your scissors and snip snip to create your pom-pom.


Knit pom-pom to the hat, and voila!


Make a hat for each of your mini snow people or use them to decorate your holiday wine collection!


Need a little more DIY direction? Check out the video below for a closer look at knitting a mini hat, and check back next week for another mini maker tutorial!

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