In theory, online shopping is a breeze. See your size, place your order and bam! A brand new outfit delivered straight to your door. But here’s the thing: with vanity sizing becoming so common, it’s easy to be a small at one shop and a large at the next. That’s all well and good when you’re in the dressing room and can run out to grab another size but when you’re shopping online it becomes a total drag to anxiously await a garment’s arrival only to find out it’s too small. Enter: Mallzee, a UK-based shopping app that will fix that major woe for you.


Mallzee is often described as “Tinder for shopping” and it’s easy to understand why. When you DL the app you select which retailers you like and then much like Tinder profiles, a pair of shoes, pants or maybe a dress will pop up. Swipe right or left to discover more. Like something? Heart it to keep an eye on it. Mallzee will also let you know when it goes on sale.

To us, the coolest part of the app is the sizing profile you can create. Within your account, select all the sizes you usually are in everything from tops to swimwear. Mallzee will then only show you items that are in your size and even suggest what size they think you’ll be at each place. But one MAJOR thing to keep in mind is that although these are US retailers you’re seeing, the Scottish app has yet to adjust to US sizing. Your size in the UK should be two sizes larger than what you are in the US (for example, if you’re usually a size 2 US you’d be a 6 UK). So, when creating your sizing profile be sure to select two sizes larger than you typically would to make the filter accurate.


Mallzee’s founder Cally Russell told Marie Claire, “Mallzee was invented to solve the problem of being able to find, compare and buy items from multiple retailers in one convenient place… As we worked to solve this more and more users told us they struggled to find products in the correct size. We needed to be able to give our users the ability to find, compare and buy items knowing that no matter which retailer they are from, they will be in their size.”

Happy shopping, stylish friends.

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