Is one of your resolutions to finally do all those DIY projects you’ve been pinning on Pinterest? Or to learn how to sew? For jewelry making and basic DIY projects, it’s definitely a good move to sign up for Brit Kits. But we’re also pumped about a fellow creative project on the kit scene: DIY Map Quilt Kits!

Created by the folks at Haptic Lab, known for creating a whole series of customizable Soft Maps, these kits put the art of map quilting in your crafty hands.

The basic kit ($38) comes with a single-use map template of the city, town, or borough of your choice as well as sewing instructions. The full kit ($74) includes all the materials along with the instructions.

We’re partial to the San Francisco, Austin, and NYC kits, and can’t wait to see what new ones roll out in 2013.

Use contrasting fabrics and threads to embroider places that are most special to you: a house or apartment, a favorite landmark, or the coffee shop where you met your significant other.

What city would you like to quilt? What other DIY kits would like to try out? Talk to us in the comments below.