There’s a lot to be worried about on your computer. We hear constantly about NSA surveillance or hackers worming their way into your private information. So it’s understandable to be paranoid in the digital age — just ask Mark Zuckerberg. In celebration of Instagram’s 500 Million user record, the Facebook founder posted his own “gram” at Instagram HQ. But some people noticed something peculiar in the picture… mainly regarding his laptop.


If you look closely, you can see that the tech mogul covers his laptop’s webcam and microphone jack with a piece of tape. It’s a simple and effective analog solution to a new digital fear. If one of the biggest names on the Internet is covering up his webcam and microphone, should we all? Well, it can’t hurt. And maybe there’s something Zuck knows that we don’t. Last month, rumors started swirling that Facebook could tap into microphones and listen to our conversations — which Facebook fiercely denied.

Although, let’s face it, the world probably isn’t that interested in what you’re doing while facing your computer (glasses and no make-up! Holla!). Unless you somehow got mixed up in some illegal scheme, you probably don’t need to worry about hackers taking over your computer. But you know what they say: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that you’re wrong.

We’ll see you in the tape aisle of Office Max.

(h/t The Guardian, Photo via Facebook)