If you haven鈥檛 quite figured it out by now, we love a good daily project that allows us to showcase our (and gawk over others鈥) abilities to make, design and create. And 鈥 spoiler alert 鈥 we also love it when artists break the boundaries of mediums and methods we鈥檝e grown familiar with. Case in point, artist Marko Stupic, a Croatian web designer whose 鈥淚con a Day鈥 project is the latest maker extravaganza to catch our eyes.


Stupic is an accomplished designer and digital artist who teaches graphic and web design in his hometown of Zagreb and uses different genres, such as advertising and illustrations, as a springboard of inspiration.


His most recent series seems simple at first: Draw a picture depicting a landscape, common item or daily experience and post it on his blog. But as the project progressed, the illustrations got more fun and whimsical 鈥 and delicious.


We鈥檇 like to nominate Marko to redesign the culinary emoji selection 鈥 what do you guys think?

icon a day 2

Despite being created only using digital art tools, each small icon tells a story, giving a glimpse into the life, mood and experiences of one person. The cartoonish appearance makes everything feel fun and carefree, with just enough self-awareness thrown in.


Follow his daily creations on his Icon a Day Tumblr, where foodies and techies can be one with his colorful creations.


Would you ever try to do a daily project? Tell us about it in the comments below!