The Dutch designers at Mausbird are raising money to make sweatshirts, and we kind of like it. They realized that everyone has a favorite sweatshirt (they call them sweaters over there across the pond, by the way). You know the sweatshirt. The one that you wear until it’s no longer soft or appropriate to be seen on your body in public. Instead of leaving you to invest in poorly made clothing, they want to create a durable, fashionable sweatshirt that’ll work for everybody, from kids to grown-ups.

To start production, they need to sell at least 150 unisex sweatshirts, so they decided to turn to Kickstarter for help. You can pre-order these with a pledge of 50 Euro and sometime next year you’ll get a hand-printed heather grey sweatshirt of your own. And it should take all the beatings and washings you can throw at it.

To keep production easy and reduce waste, they are making only one type of sweatshirt (a longer, souped up version of a classic grey one) that can be customized with different geometric prints so that everybody’s able to find their new favorite.

So, how do we go about ordering in bulk for an entire office?

Would you pledge for better sweatshirts? Let us know in the comments!