Sporty chic is a hot trend that is jumping from summer into fall, and it’s creeping into more than caps and sneakers for the upcoming season. Sweats as street wear has it made its way on some of fashion’s top runways, but the ultra casual look has also been spotted on style bloggers, off-duty models and celebs. If that’s still not enough for you to cozy up to this comfy trend, check out 25 of our favorite sweatshirts that should change your mind!

1. Mineral Wash Sweatshirt ($13): If you’re still in love with summer neons, you’ll love this comfy raglan sweatshirt with a ribbed collar and sleeves. It looks super cute with cutoffs!

2. Ello Sweatshirt ($110): A super soft vintage feel gives this terry sweatshirt a cozy vibe. And who doesn’t love a friendly greeting?

3. Delphinium Embroidered Sweatshirt ($220): This classic sweatshirt gets dressed up in metallic fabric. Plus jewels at the neckline means no necklace necessary!

4. Neon Jeweled Sweatshirt ($85): These hand-applied jewels dress up a super soft sweatshirt. This is one piece we’re definitely not rocking at the gym.

5. Palm Sweatshirt ($70): Perfect for wearing through the end of summer, the palm trees give this shirt a fun tropical feel. And that mint!

6. Embellished Floral Sweatshirt ($80): Carry some summer blooms with you into cooler weather with this brightly embroidered top. Funky is an understatement — and we’re loving it.

7. Frolic Asymmetric Top ($104): The asymmetrical hemline is the major selling point for this bright blue sweatshirt. Wear with faux-leather leggings to nail the comfy chic look!

8. Spiked Sweatshirt ($21): Get edgy with your lounge wear and sport some trendy gold spikes.

9. Evil Eye Fleece Sweatshirt ($315): Embroidered with a signature evil eye, rock this shirt with a pleated skirt and a biker jacket for a punk rock look. Jeans and sneaks would also do this beauty justice.

10. Nona Sweatshirt ($130): How chic is this distressed french terry sweatshirt with sheer burnout swatches?

11. Davi Rose Jacquard Sweatshirt ($56): Perfect for chilly days and balmy nights, this floral-patterned sweatshirt would pair with everything from denim cutoffs to distressed skinny jeans.

12. Neat Rib Sweatshirt ($12): This thick and textured sweatshirt is a classic. It is *actually* nice enough to wear to the office!

13. Oversized Printed Sweatshirt ($30): Big graphic pansies decorate this loose-fitting yellow sweatshirt. It’s a fun floral pattern for sure!

14. Striped Sweatshirt ($117): Stripes are one pattern that will never go out of style. This classic cotton piece will last you a lifetime.

15. Photo Floral Sweatshirt ($30): The sweatshirt shows its fancier side with a graphic, photo-realistic print.

16. Crystal Cluster Sweatshirt ($225): This glam sweatshirt puts a fresh twist on sporty style with big, big bling.

17. Tie Dye Sweatshirt ($88): How chic can tie dye be? This chic.

18. Magnifique Pullover ($58): Practice your French with this pretty hand lettered graphic shirt.

19. Tory Burch Cotton Sweatshirt ($250): Decorated with contrasting polka-dot and floral prints, this pretty piece does the pattern mixing for ya.

20. JW Logo Sweatshirt ($335): Embroidered flowers accent the felted logo graphic on a cozy fleece sweatshirt that’s worthy of a splurge.

21. Sydney Embellished Sweatshirt ($225): You can wear this crystal-adorned piece with everything from leather skirts to skinny jeans and know your style is on point.

22. Lace Circle Sweatshirt ($90): How beautiful is this floral emblem in the center of this sweatshirt? Enjoy all the bright colors of summer with this feminine top.

23. Lace Paneled Sweatshirt ($285): We get to go back to school shopping, right? Good, ’cause this cozy shirt is perfect for wearing during the day or to laid-back evening events.

24. Poppy Sweatshirt ($98): Watercolor poppies lend an artistic, feminine feel to a cropped boxy shirt. Does this not look incredible over a chambray dress? We’re copying this style immediately.

25. Hello Panda ($23): Because nothing is more warm and cuddly than a big ol’ panda bear.

How do you feel about wearing sweatshirts in public? Would you go graphic or bejewled? Let us know in the comments below!