It’s the first of May which means we’ve got a whole slew of new Kickstarter makers just waiting for their 15 minutes of fame. Who will be the next Pebble? What about the Boobypack? These 10 projects are the latest and greatest that caught our eye, plus one totally weird bonus for giggles.

1. Folding USB Solar Cell: First up, a portable solar panel for your devices! This isn’t the first solar powered charger we’ve seen but the portability definitely stands out. A pledge of $25 gets you your very own USB Power Bank, built in flashlight, USB cable and pack of adapters.

2. Water Resistant Wood Watch: This beautiful timepiece is rustic meets modern at its most stylish. Not only is the bulk of the watch made of wood but it is totally water resistant. Prices start at $165 for these fetching pieces.

3. D*Table: This table can transform into just about any coffee table, console, or buffet that you might want. We love that somehow a piece of furniture manages to exude a super playful attitude.

4. Programmable Eye Glasses: Party rock is in the house tonight! These sunglasses are totally programmable and light up like crazy. And they’re only $35!

5. USB Flash Drive Bracelet: What’s this now? A USB bracelet that doesn’t look super lame? Why yes!

6. ZenDock: For a sleek solution to your workspace problems, the ZenDock is your new best friend. It’s an easy way to connect all of the docks in your laptop to your display and looks good doing it.

7. Snap Recorder: Think you’re the next star of The Voice? A pledge of $99 gets you your own portable recording studio! This is great if you’re doing lots of how-to videos and if you want to see if you’ve got the songbird skills you’ve always dreamed of.

8. Broomstache: A little bit silly, a little bit hipster, and a welcome change to your broom closet, the Broomstache is a fun way to mix up your Sunday chores. Though $65 is a tad spend for cleaning supplies, this will definitely add whimsy to the most boring of tasks.

9. Key Kubby: lt’s an iPhone case that hides your key! Genius and only $10.

10. Coffee Ground Pots: And now something on the eco-friendly side. These planters are made from used coffee grounds – we’d love to see a DIY kit come out of this project.

Bonus! Comfy Breasts Pillow: Um, this has to be one of the top 5 weirdest things we’ve ever seen on Kickstarter. It’s a pillow with cups for your boobs. Insane but could be pretty comfy?

Have you ever funded a Kickstarter project? Which one? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.