Do you have the time? We do. It’s buy-a-new-watch o’clock, starring May28th. May28th is a Toronto-based brand dedicated to fresh, graphic accessories — especially timepieces. The bands of each watch are classic and colorful, and the faces are diverse enough to please just about anybody. We’re always drooling over playful accessories that pop, and these $39 beauties are popping big time.

Agni Tilla, the founder of May28th, was looking for a watch that was affordable, chic and playful. When she couldn’t find one, she started the company, and it gained steam like whoa. Now that they’re a growing player in the accessories industry, you can find their fun, patterned watches all over the world, from Kuala Lumpur (where Tilla now resides) to France… and our own shop!

Here are a few of our favorites from the current collection.

1. Nomad Watch: Your Airstream dreams might be out of reach, but this watch isn’t.

2. Confetti Watch: This confetti looks so delicious we could eat it up.

3. Colorful Geometric Watch: Much like our six-year-old selves, this watch’s favorite colors are black and neon.

4. Floral Watch: Once you take the chintzy pattern off the old wallpaper and put it on a modern watch, it takes on a whole new vibe that we’re digging big time.

5. Juicy Watermelon Watch: You’ll need something to remember summer!

6. Orange Watch: Love-love-love this shaded orange-on-orange-on-orange look.

Which one is calling to you? Let us know in the comments!