The most exciting moment of your graduation ceremony will most likely be the moment when you toss that cap in the air and finally put those brutal finals and all-nighters behind you once and for all. But before you transition into the real world, there’s one crucial aspect to graduation ceremonies that’s not to be passed over: the commencement speech. For a stadium full of graduates at Tulane University in New Orleans, Maya Rudolph presented their departing pep talk. And boy, did the funny lady really nail the whole public speaking thing.

Between Beyoncé and Oprah impressions, Maya poked a little bit of fun at the millennial generation and sprinkled in some excellent life advice. Whether you’re a recent grad or not, we recommend watching the speech in full when you have the time. But until then, here are a few major takeaways from the brilliant speech.

1. You’re not the only one who might feel a little bit lost. If you have a degree but you’re still not really sure where to go from here, that’s totally okay. You’re not alone. Maya told the Tulane’s graduates that she too was in the exact same situation as a few (hundred) of them might be.

2. Work hard and don’t be lazy. Things aren’t going to fall into your lap, you have to put them there.

3. Admit what your dreams are. It’s okay if they seem unrealistic at first. After Maya graduated from UC Santa Cruz she says she realized it was only then that she wanted to be on SNL. And while that may seem like a pipe dream at first, it’s all about taking small steps to work toward your main goal.

4. Put away your iPhone. We think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

5. Embrace the improve term, “Yes, and…” Here’s a little tidbit of advice that Tina Fey also swears by. The idea here is that you’re always taking an idea and adding to it. If you simply say “no” to a scenario then that’s it, opportunity over. But if you take a given situation, embrace it and make it work for you, you’ll be open to so much more.

What was the best piece of life advice you got at your graduation ceremony? Share with us in the comments below.