Are you rocking the lob (long bob) these days? Well, you’re not alone. The lob is HERE and it’s no longer being viewed as an awkward in-between stage. It’s actually the best of both worlds, and there are about a million ways to style it. We created three glamorous (and easy!) hairstyles you can do in under 10 minutes, for folks with bobs, lobs and #longhairdontcare ;)

Wavy Side Bob

1. Begin by placing a heavy side part into your hair.

2. Place curls in medium sections all throughout your hair.

3. Spray a lightweight hairspray like Kenra 25 Volume Hairspray.

4. Twist one side of your hair back and behind your head and secure with a few bobby pins.

5. Where the pinned part of the twist meets the hair that is down, take a piece of the hair down and pin it over the twisted part a little to blend and create a seamless transition.

6. Fluff the hair that is left down with your fingers creating a tousled finish.

So glamorous!

Half Knotted

1. Back comb the entire top section of your hair.

2. Smooth down gently and spray with hairspray.

3. Take two small sections of hair from one side of your head, tie them into a double knot and then secure with a bobby pin.

4. Continue this process all around your head until you get to the other side.

Love the poufy pomp look of this one!

All Twisted

1. Use a dry shampoo like TIGI Rockaholic all over for volume and added texture.

2. Use your fingers to fluff your hair lifting at the roots to distribute the dry shampoo all over as well as give the volume.

3. Pick up a small section starting on one side of your head at the top, twist it in a messy sort of way and then secure it with a bobby pin.

4. Continue to repeat this step all throughout your hair.

We love this ‘do. And that Jurassic Park shirt!

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