It’s graduation season so we have a few apps to discuss today that the cap-and-gown set and those of us a (cough, cough) few years out of school can appreciate too. I’m talking about photo apps that will help you stay connected to friends, one that could help you meet new ones and a few that will up your adult skils (aka making plans and turning your damn phone off once in a while). It’s the end of a long week so you deserve some new apps to make things fun and/or easy — get downloading the best apps of the week below!


1. Syft: The perfect download if you’re graduating and about to start a new chapter and don’t want to forget all the ones you already wrote, this app is another spin on nostalgia-inducing photo re-share-ers like TimeHop. Currently in beta, Syft will sift through your photos for you, serving up a batch of classics for you on the reg. You can swipe any photo you want your friends and fam to “aw” and “omg” over straight to them or into a preset chat group and relive the memories with the people in those beer pong drinking pics from college.

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2. Meet: If you’re a fan of the Sunrise Calendar app (and if you are you’re likely a big one), this is the add-on you need to add onto your smartphone to make your plan making easy af. Meet is a new Sunrise-connected keyboard that you can pull up when you’re in any app to see your schedule and suggest meeting times to contacts. They can RSVP to the links Meet makes for you even if they don’t have Sunrise. Forget going back and forth on email *or* going back and forth between your apps and see your entire world at your fingertips easy peasy.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS, just update your Sunrise Calendar app


3. Dinner Mode: As our world becomes more and more connected (and in turn, we have to work harder to disconnect when it counts) something like “dinner mode” could absolutely be an actual setting on your future phone. ‘Til that happens, this app will do it for you — you set a timer, put your phone face down on the table and, you know, like ENJOY dinner. Bonus points if you can just put it in your purse and not care about it again until after your apertif. Isn’t that what your Ringly is for anyways?

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4. WifiMapper: Okay, this is kiiiind of the opposite of the above, but we’ve all been there — in need of WiFi. This app will help you scout it out and, like Yelp for WiFi, will show you where and even detail how reliable connections connections are in different hotspots.

DL It: Free on iOS


5. Snaptivity: While Syft is about looking through photos from the past, this app is all about real-time pictures happening right now, right around you. Currently in beta in the UK, this Android social snapper will let you look through photos being taken nearby or around the world, whether by friends or strangers in your community. Meant to open up your world view well past your Instagram feed, Snaptivity even suggests the chance that you’ll be seeing yourself in other people’s pictures. Crazy but kind of cool. Though hopefully your eyes aren’t closed in every shot :-/

DL It: Free on Android

What was the last download you loved? Share below!