Is anyone else feeling guilty about your hoarding-like tendencies with all the talk of spring cleaning that is in the air? Us too. We decided to create memo boards to get some of that clutter up off our workspaces. But not just any memo board – we wanted to create something more personal, something that would make us smile every time we looked up. What better way to do that than making an awesome cork memo board (or three!) in the shape of your favorite state?

 – printed state outlines (download all 50 right here!)

– 3 sheets of 12 inch by 12 inch cork boards

– painters tape

– 3 bright colors of paint

– 3 sponge brushes

– thumbtacks

– optional: 1 scrapbook sticker pack per state you choose or fun buttons or beads that go with your state

 – exacto knife

– pen

– hot glue gun

– cutting board

Choose any three states you want. We love the idea of picking states where you and your significant other grew up in, places you’ve traveled, etc. We made three but you can certainly feel free to make more or less, depending on how ambitious you’re feeling today! ;)

Start by printing out and then cutting out the shapes of the states.

You don’t have to be overly precise since it would be impossible to cut out every little curve later on the cork board. You can use scissors here if you prefer.

Next, flip the cut out states upside down and trace them on what you intend to be the BACK of your memo board.

Then, cut out the states out of the cork board using an exacto knife.

Repeat these steps until you have all three states cut out.

Now it’s time to add a little color! Use your trusty painters tape to mark off what areas you intend to paint. Get creative with the placement of the tape. There is truly no wrong way to do this part!

Use one color per state and then let dry for about an hour. For extra bright colors, paint on two coats.

While the paint is drying, choose what stickers (or beads or buttons) you want to use. Flip them upside down, apply hot glue, and then press an upside down thumbtack onto each one.

Almost done! Remove the painters tape.

Those colors are lookin’ goooood.

Apply the custom thumbtacks to each corresponding state.

Hang above your desk or anywhere else that could use a little spring cleaning intervention.

We love how these funky state shapes tuck into a bookshelf and become another way to display cherished mementos.

They also look great all hung together in a group!

What other ways have you found to organize and display notes and photos? Tell us in the comments below.