No more rolling up handwritten notes into a bottle and setting it adrift at sea. (Okay fine, we know you have probably never done that, but just humor us…) Our new take on “message in a bottle” lets you repurpose all of those empty jars and old thumb drives you have lying around your house into a personalized gift your recipient will always remember.

Record a movie, upload a song, or create a folder of your favorite photos, then put them on your thumb drive. Then, just add a bit of spray paint and super glue and mail it off to a friend or loved one for Valentine’s Day, their birthday, or just because you were thinking of them. It’s a more personal gift than an email or MMS message, and it’s more interesting than writing a handwritten note. Plus, you can mail it with just a few postage stamps! (The mailman is sure to get a kick out of it.)

Want to take it to the next level? Go crazy with your USB and bottle decor. Make your thumb drive sparkle with glitter paint, add confetti into your bottle, or make your own Modpodge (1 part glue to 1 part water) to decoupage a photo on your lid.

What other ideas do you have to make this idea even more creative? Add your thoughts to the comments below!