We got to sit down with Mila Kunis recently and pick her brain about baby names (in case you didn’t already know, the Bad Moms star is expecting baby number two with BFF-turned-husband Ashton Kutcher). The couple clearly knows how to bequeath the perfect moniker — their little girl Wyatt Isabelle will be turning two in October. Mila revealed how she and Ashton named their kiddos — and yes, they’ve already picked out a name for the bun in the oven.


When it comes to choosing a baby name, most parents start with a couple rules of thumb. At least, that’s what Mila pictures. “What’s gonna sound good with the last name?” she imagines parents-to-be asking. “What’s not gonna get my kid picked on? I hope that’s what they’re thinking,” Mila says. Then, she adds with a dry laugh, “Although there are some names where I’m like, ‘What were you thinking? Clearly, you weren’t.'”

When it came to naming Wyatt and baby number two, she and Ashton had a game plan. “[It was] just something that felt right. For us, picking a baby name was very much [we] wanted something personal in one element — whether that’s the middle name or the first name — and then [we] just wanted it to fit the energy of the baby,” she tells us.


Timing AND patience were crucial to the process, too. “For us, it was always halfway through the pregnancy. We would always go through hundreds and hundreds of names,” she says. But when the stars align, it just works. “For both the kids, we knew instantly,” Mila says. “It was never a question.” Yep, you heard it here first: Mila and Ashton already have a baby name picked out for their second child. But Mila’s not spilling any secrets.

“Always [keep it a] secret,” Mila says emphatically, “because just in case something happens and we change our minds, we realized people start embroidering things way too fast. We keep it a secret from everybody just in case, so we don’t get a blanket embroidered with the wrong name.”

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(Photos via Chris Andre/Brit + Co)