14 Street Style Shots from Milan to Inspire Your Winter Look
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14 Street Style Shots from Milan to Inspire Your Winter Look

During Milan’s Menswear Fashion Week, photographer Vanni Bassetti of Getty captured looks on the street, and what he found has us (almost) wishing for even more cold days so we can rock some of these cold-weather styles. Just because you have to layer up doesn’t mean you can’t make the look your own. These street style mavens know how to accessorize a winter coat, adding unexpected pops of color to make their look Fashion Week-worthy. So let’s keep it toasty, shall we?

1. Pants-less in the Winter: Who needs leggings when you’ve got over-the-knee boots? With a chunky oversized sweater and the most perfect cat-eyed sunglasses, this look has us all wondering, “Is she wearing shorts under there?” (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

2. Blue Hues: There’s something so classic and slightly Scandinavian about this gray-blue combo. We noticed so many women in Milan wearing their coats like capes, so we’re going to go ahead and snag their sophisticated style. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

3. Long Plaid Coat: We’re getting slight Seattle-grunge vibes from this look, in a high-fashion way. This vintage ensemble pulls together so many earthy tones, topped off by an adorably skater-boy knit hat. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

4. Menswear Inspired: This oversized Rick Owens coat not only looks super warm, but also super stylish, especially with the pop of the Alexander McQueen top underneath. Her understated jewelry gives this menswear-inspired look the feminine touch it needs. A closer look reveals understated jewelry and a slouchy clutch that’s to die for. How much do you love that shade of orange? (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

5. Perfect Faux Fur Hat: Elena looks super cozy in her Russian-inspired faux fur hat, which has us wondering if we could pull off the look as well as she does. Her red sweater is reflected in her whimsical choice of red socks, which pull it all together. Gotta keep the feet warm, you know. A close-up on her ViaVela14 shoes shows just how much fun personalized accessories can be. These Italian shoes come with velcro letters, so you monogram them yourself. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

6. A Little Bit Nautical: We love a touch of nautical, especially when it’s accented by awesome leopard-print shoes. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a navy peacoat. A close-up shows her killer green Prada clutch, which looks like it could fit everything you need and more. And that kelly green is on point. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

7. Boho Hat: Sometimes, a classic camel coat is all you need to look like a fashionista. But throw on a great felt boho hat, and your look is complete. Her Fjallraven bag might seem like the practical choice, but it ties the whole schoolgirl-chic look together. And we never hated a bag for being practical. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

8. Kerchief Skirt: A kerchief skirt doesn’t have to be limited to warm-weather ensembles when it’s accented with leather and a turtleneck. This look is total rock-and-roll gypsy, but with beautiful minimal jewelry. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

9. Furry Details: Nothing keeps you as warm as faux fur does, so why not keep your belongings warm as well? That bag adds a trendy pop of color to this look, while the baby blue faux fur stole, accented with what looks like feathers, is too much fun. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

10. ‘70s Style: Between the coat and the geometric silk scarf, we’re definitely getting ‘70s vibes from this look. Her style reminds us of the fresh-faced supermodels of a different era. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

11. Shades of Gray: From white to black, this look runs the gray color spectrum. We love her platinum hair, and those Fendi sunglasses are calling our name. This is just more proof that a long wool coat is the perfect signature statement piece for the winter. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

12. Leather Look: This leather ensemble is actually a Calvin Klein dress that looks as fierce as it does warm. Who needs a coat when your dress does double duty? (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

13. Open Toes: Your toes don’t have to go into hiding in the winter. A wintry open-toe platform heel is totally acceptable, and when you’re wrapped up in a cocoon like this Ferragamo long coat, you won’t even be worried about feeling a chill. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

14. Splash of Hot Pink: Any monochromatic look needs a good splash of color, and hot pink is obviously the best choice. Also, when you’re rocking a coat you designed yourself at Milan’s Menswear Fashion Week, like Joy Lee, you can wear tights with your Nikes any time you want. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

So do you need a long wool coat now or what? What about a new faux fur accessory? Let us know in the comments!