Fall fashion week season is officially over. Tokyo was the final destination after the NYC-London-Milan-Paris runway world tour. Regardless of one of 2014’s strongest typhoons slamming the whole region, last week’s Tokyo fashion week never stopped moving. No typhoon, earthquake or Godzilla will shake The Land of the Rising Sun. And you know that a city with so much passion for fashion has got to have some major street style. So let’s head across the Pacific and take a peek at what street-style tips they’ve got for us. Buckle up. We are now taking off.

1. Double the Fun: Share the passion of your fashion with your sister, brother and BFFL by wearing matching styles. Fashion week only happens twice a year, so you might as well double the fun with the people you love.

2. Men’s Fashion is a Serious Deal: Tokyo fashion week offered some seriously stellar menswear looks, and men’s street fashion is just as real-deal as the runway collections. Tokyo gentlemen are not joking around when it comes to their looks, but they also know how to have fun with it. No matter if it’s sleek, punk-rock or casual, one thing is constant: Japanese men know how to work the accessories.

3. Texture Extravaganza: Japanese celebrity Chinatsu Wakatsuki showed up to an event wearing this feminine biker look. A velvety skirt accessorized with a leather moto jacket and fur clutch — it seems there is a lot going on, but she successfully put it all together in one sleek look.

4. Black Is Still the New Black: No matter what color is trying to edge in on black‘s reputation for being the ultimate, the truth is black will always be tops when it comes to looking sleek and modern (did our color-loving mouths just say that?). These couples skip all the complicated clothes and accessories, and that’s what makes them stand out in the crowd: They keep it simple with some monochromatic layering, proving it doesn’t take much to achieve a polished and stylish outfit.

5. Flannel at the Runway? Why Not?: Flannel doesn’t just belong on a corner in downtown Seattle. Apparently fashion show-goers in Tokyo wore it in a bigger and awesomer way. We’re talking long flannel coats. Pink hues of ombre hair sweeten it up to set off the boyish elements.

6. Steal the Spotlight: You know what we love? When an unknown girl totally steals the spotlight from the runway with her killer good taste. The woman above was caught by WWD camera crews two times during fashion week for knowing how to wear a skirt right. One day she went with a casual mix-‘n’-match look, and the next she went full on spicy, girly style.

7. Bigger and Bolder Prints: The best part of attending fashion week is that you get to wear an outfit that you wouldn’t necessarily wear in everyday life, like a noisy print with flared pants. This is the opportunity to take greater risks. Try something that you might not normally try. You will win big.

8. Sporty Black + White: On day one, fashion journalist Misha Janette was spotted suited in a black and white sporty dress by Anne Sophie Madsen from OAK. Her neon eyebrows (love!) and clutch are the key to giving it an extra edge. It’s important for journalists like Misha to dress comfortably during these busy days.

9. Blue + Pink = Success: An A-line pink skirt and blue top resembles Parisian street style. But when paired with matching sneakers, it’s full on Tokyo street style. If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, you know that people walk… a lot. To and from the station, the cafe, to go shopping, pretty much EVERYWHERE — so comfortable and fashionable sneakers are musts.

What do you think about Tokyo street style? Would you hack a look above for your next night out? Tell us in the comments below.

(image via WWD)