There is a lot you can do to escape the cold in your home besides walking around the house in a pile of blankets with a space heater attached to your hip. Believe it or not, you can DIY your way to a warmer home with some cheap tips and tricks that won’t take you all day.

1. DIY Clay Space Heater: Unpainted terra cotta is a great conductor of heat — so great, in fact, that an overturned flower pot with a few candles underneath can make for a super efficient space heater that requires no electricity. Just make sure not to get too close, because in less than an hour it can reach temperatures over 160 degrees. (via Inhabit)

2. DIY Handwarmers: These are not just absolutely adorable, they’re really easy to make and reheatable. The cloth packets contain rice, and all you have to do to make them nice and toasty is pop them in the microwave for 20 seconds. Easy as that! (via Rae Ann Kelly)

3. Keep Vinegar Around: Rather than make a habit of scraping ice off of your car every morning, prevent the frost altogether by spraying down your windshield with diluted vinegar the night before. Spray your windshield with the vinegar mixture, wipe it off and the next morning, if your windshield does have ice on it, it’ll be a cinch to wipe off. Vinegar saves the day again. (via Infobarrel)

4. Flip the Fan: Don’t forget to flip that switch on your fan to make the blades go in the opposite direction. Keeping your fan spinning clockwise on low during the winter helps move the heat around rather than cool the place down with a breeze. (via Mom 4 Real)

5. Wool Insoles: If you’re one of those people who have chronically cold feet, you’ve probably maxed out on sock space in your boots and just suffer through icy cold toes through winter. These wool soles may solve your icy woes. After all, if you’re walking through ice and snow, most of the cold is coming from the bottom of your boots, so inserting these felt soles is the perfect way to nip that cold in the bud. (via Maya Made)

6. Door/Window Draft Stopper: Whether you’re keeping out the cold from the next room or the outside, these draft stoppers are a cute, simple solution to keeping the cold out and the warm in. All you really have to do is fill plastic baggies with sand or rice and put them in a cute cloth cover. (via The Little House in the City)

7. Bubble Wrap Your Windows: It may seem crazy, but applying bubble wrap to windows is a method used in greenhouses during the winter. It’s a great, simple way to insulate your windows, and you only need bubble wrap and a spray bottle. If you spray the windows with water, then apply the bubble wrap, it’ll stick until you’re ready to peel it off! No tape required. (via Instructables)

8. Emergency Can Heater: You never know when you’re going to have to be prepared for a winter storm. This DIY heater is a great addition to your winter emergency kit — which you should totally have. It’s basically just a fire in a can, which you’re going to love if you’re stuck in the cold. (via The Parsimonious Princess)

How do you DIY your way to warm? Give us some tips in the comments!