With inspiring figures like Caitlyn Jenner + her #squad, OITNB鈥s聽Laverne Cox slaying it on the red carpet and teen activist Jazz Jennings garnering headline after headline these days, the world is truly living #transisbeautiful. On our list of new and established transgender stars to keep on your radar, YouTube beauty guru/model Gigi Gorgeous has popped up before, but she鈥檚 about to be a household name after her latest appearance 鈥 on Miley Cyrus鈥檚 Instagram.


Miley happens to be Marie Claire鈥檚 upcoming cover girl and during the shoot, her good friend Gigi decided to crash. What proceeded to happen makes us wish that we were there. The mag posted this image on their social media along with the caption: 鈥淪urprise! @gigigorgeous made a guest appearance at @mileycyrus鈥 Marie Claire cover shoot. Honestly, most fun we鈥檝e had in a verrry long time.鈥


Miley followed up by posting this super sexy pic of Miley zipping up her pal. The pair looking incredibly glam with Miley in an embellished LBD and Gigi in a white bodycon with black trim. Miley wrote in the caption: 鈥淢e & Muah girl @gigigorgeous for @marieclairemag鈥

behind the scenes

Gigi posted this behind-the-scenes pic of Miley getting her hands on the camera, and it definitely looks like they were having a blast. The up-and-coming model wrote, 鈥淲hen @mileycyrus takes ur pic u WERK. So in love with her鈥︹

Gigi has over 1.6 million followers on her YouTube channel and has been making beauty and vlogging videos since 2008, so she鈥檚 a star in her own right. Aside from being an absolute goddess of makeup, she鈥檚 also incredibly honest and brave in her vlogging 鈥 she came out to her fans on her channel, she documented her entire transition in the public eye and has even talked openly about facial feminization surgery. She鈥檚 a transgender role model to many out there so don鈥檛 call her Miley鈥檚 co-star ;)

Guys, can we all be friends?

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(Photos via @marieclairemag + @mileycyrus + @gigigorgeous)