For many of us, 2017 was a doozy, but we here at Brit + Co are ready to hit refresh in 2018! Follow our Hit Refresh series through January for new ideas, hacks, and skills that will help you achieve (and maintain!) those New Year’s resolutions.

If you’re looking for more peace and calm in the new year (and really, who isn’t?), it might be time to adopt the chic minimalism of Scandi-style. This aesthetic has a knack for giving your home the kind of vibe that’ll make you exhale with relief. Simple silhouettes are paired with muted hues and smart functionality to inspire both peace and organization. Plus, organic materials and natural light are used abundantly to bring the healing powers of the outdoors into your space. And, fortunately for us all, nearly any style sensibility can get in on the action. Check out these tips to add the benefits of Scandi-style to your abode.

1. Cute and Colorful: Some people think adopting a Scandi-style means you have to stay away from color. But as this room beautifully demonstrates, you can absolutely load up on color; just stick with more muted hues to keep things mellow.

2. Bedroom Vibes: There’s no better place to incorporate minimalism than in the bedroom. Not only does it look neat and tidy, but it’ll contribute peaceful vibes to your nightly slumber.

3. Home Office: Most of us have 10 million things to do at work, so the last thing we need is to manage a whole bunch of clutter on top of it. Integrating a nordic sensibility into your home office through simplicity and organization will ensure you’re the productive little worker you’re meant to be.


4. Have Fun: Just because you’re going after a minimalist look doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with eclectic decor. Just keep it simple by incorporating only a few of your favorite playful items. (via Style and Sugar)


5. Decor Becomes Art: This room looks artful enough to be in a museum, and it’s all thanks to thoughtful placement and a small handful of creative pieces. Keep your furniture sparse but interesting for an intriguing look without overwhelming your design. (via Vintage Industrial Style)


6. Simple Dining: This is Scandi-style at its best with a dash of mid-century flare. In an all-white room, play with different silhouettes and bursts of nostalgia to add visual interest. (via Selina Steba)


7. Basic Beauty: This is the epitome of how to do Scandi in a small space. A good trick to keep in mind if your rooms flow into each other is, rather than separate them with furniture, divide them using paint or backsplashes. This will create the effect you’re after without sacrificing precious space. (via Adore Magazine)


8. Sunshiney Days: This is the kind of room that makes you feel lighter and happier for having entered it. Its clean lines and geometric patterns add texture, while soft pops of color keep it warm and comfy. (via Loving It)


9. Mirrored Goodness: Mirrors can go a long way when it comes to opening up your space. Forgo a bunch of wall art in favor of a big ol’ mirror to fill a blank wall with room-expanding goodness. (via Squarefoot)


10. Natural Light: If you really want to make this style sing, make natural light your best friend. The clean lines and simple silhouettes will dance more brightly if you maximize the amount of sun that washes over them. (Honeymoon Hotel)


11. Dual Colors: If you’re not sure where to start, pick two of your favorite colors and go from there. The blush and blues in this room play together beautifully and corresponding patterns give depth to the design. (via Idealista)


12. Plant Love: Nordic lovers are all about bringing outdoor elements inside. Enliven any room by adding a plant — or five. (via The Life Creative)


13. Cozy Minimalism: If you’re craving cozy, a minimalist style probably isn’t the first aesthetic you think of. However, with natural light, some floating shelves, and a few plants, you can achieve all kinds of cozy without the clutter. (via The Design Chaser)


14. Dreamy Bedroom: A monochromatic palette is a stellar recipe for a restful slumber. Give your brain the break it needs with an all-white bedroom. (via Noir Mon Amour)

15. Textured Textiles: Adopting a simple style is the perfect opportunity to experiment with textures. Accessorize with faux fur, chunky knits, and velvet to add layers to your look.

16. Soft and Feminine: This room uses all the tricks — various textures, clean lines, plant life, and geometric patterns — and punctuates ’em with a soft color palette. If you fear the Scandi look might be a little too sterile for your tastes, adding a pretty shade of pink will warm it right up.

17. Nordic Nursery: Who knew a Nordic-inspired nursery could be so stylish and cozy? Let your little one reap the benefits of this soothing style by incorporating comforting elements from nature coupled with fun art and toys.

18. Black and White Palette: Stick to a black and white palette and add a few natural accents like wood and plants. Keeping the color scheme simple will help you keep the decor minimalist and clutter minimal.

19. Open Space and Minimal Clutter: If you have an open floor plan, stick to a soft complementary color scheme and modern, Scandi-inspired furniture.

20. Stylish Entryway: Light wood, white accents, and plenty of plants will create a fresh look right off the bat.

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