Everyone, meet mint: your soon-to-be favorite color (if it isn’t already). This shade of green is the mason jar of home design, and it’s becoming more and more popular by the second. Mint’s the star in designer kitchens, living rooms,bedrooms and bathrooms all over the world. But you don’t have to be famous to make your home extra cozy with this adorable color. Whether it’s a full makeover or the addition of a few new trinkets, this hue is guaranteed to make you love every little crevice of your space.

1. Striped Walls: The combination of mint and white serve as the perfect backdrop for whatever other decor you have in your home. In this case, it brings together an eclectic boho mix. (via Chalkwhite Arrow)

2. Bathroom Sink: A mint sink may make the bathroom your new favorite place in the house. (via Remodelista)

3. Painted Walls: A splash of mint makes white furniture look anything but boring. Adding colorful plants and vibrant throw pillows makes the whole room come together in a truly beautiful way. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

4. Painted Mason Jar Vases ($22): You can buy pre-painted jars like these, or you can get crafty and DIY. We can’t wait to grab some jars and start painting.

5. DIY Frames: Pick a frame style that suits your pad best and get painting! (via The Sweetest Occasion)

6. Smeg Fridge ($1,999): This fridge costs a fortune, but if it’ll make you that much happier to be in your kitchen, it’s worth every penny.

7. Ombré Ribbon Chair Decor: Why not take some inspiration from this wedding decor and use it in your home to spruce up your dining room chairs? (via Style Me Pretty)

8. Tiling: Pattern and texture add a lot to a space, especially when the color is this attractive. Whether you add it to your bathroom or your kitchen, mint green will freshen up any room. (via Remodelista + Houzz)

9. Porcelain Pendant Lighting ($175): These lights would look great anywhere, whether in a white space or a room full of bright colors.

10. Dotted Glow Table Lamp ($35): This color-blocked lamp is sold at a shop for kids, but hey, we’d use it in a heartbeat. And that mint giraffe’s got our name on it, too.

11. Triple Decker Shelf ($39): Simple and adorable.

12. Accent Pillows: Sometimes a little mint can go a long way. Take these chevron throw pillows for example. They add another layer of vibrancy to a blue and white themed living room. (via Decor8)

13. Gold Heart + Mint Green Accent Pillow ($36): This has Brit + Co. written all over it! Mint and gold are always a winning pair.

14. Kitchen Cabinets: Give your kitchen a full makeover. All you need is mint paint and a brush… okay, maybe a few brushes. (via Creamy Life)

15. DIY Painted Nightstand: If you can’t find the perfect piece of furniture, make it! This tutorial explains how to paint anything in your dream color. In this case, that’s mint. (via Making Home Base)

16. Owl Planter ($39): This little guy can hold plants, art supplies, trinkets— you name it.

Are you loving mint home decor as much as we are? Let us know how you’re freshening up your space with mint in the comments below!