Hello, everyone. My name is Anjelika Temple and I’m a pattern-aholic. And since all of us here at Brit + Co. have a thing for patterns, new takes on old school crafts and color, we’re all about the recent trend of modern quilts. Take away the paisley and the plaid, and you’re left with hip geometric patterns that are ripe for the hacking. To pay homage to National Quilting Day, here are 15 quilts in our dream Etsy shopping cart.

1. TV Test Pattern Quilt ($155): What!? We realize it’s kind of unfair to start with our favorite but… who said anything about this article being fair?

2. Coral and Cherry Snowflake Quilt ($180): This Pendleton-esque quilt is the first of many on this list by our newest Etsy crush, Melissa Hevey.

3. Black and White Modern Quilt ($450): So this pattern is cool and all, but what about the baby in the bottom left corner? #babyphotobombsalwayswin

4. Orange and White Pennant Quilt ($180): There’s something sort of pennants meet Pacman about this design.

5. Plus Sign Quilt ($325): We probably need to just sit down and make an official Brit + Co. plus sign quilt one of these days.

6. Triangle Pyramid Quilt ($180): Okay, this quilt just won. We love it even more than the TV test pattern! This would be particularly sweet in a hip newborn’s room.

7. Grey Triangles Quilt ($150): This design is modern as ever — perfect for a house that combines a pattern-lover with a minimalist.

8. Geometric Baby Girl Quilt ($180): Repetitive patterns are pretty timeless, and we’re digging this pared down color palette for a little girl’s room.

9. Color Blocked Quilt ($285): You can always go for tons of blocks of color.

10. Contemporary Tangerine Baby Blanket ($145): See? Quilts don’t always have to be super feminine.

11. Multi-Colored Hexagon Pattern ($225): These hexagons kind of look like bubbles, and we like it.

12. Ombre Triangle Quilt ($98): What up ombre? You are the trend that is lasting WAY longer than we expected.

13. White Flying Geese Pattern ($315): This triangle pattern was modeled after patterns made by flying geese.

14. Geometric Snowflake ($180): This might be the best-looking snowflake-inspired pattern we’ve ever seen.

15. Modern Geometric Shapes Quilt ($124): And finally, a quilt that looks more like abstract art. Love it.

Have you ever made a quilt? Or purchased a modern one? Talk to us in the comments below.