There are more than a few groups to join when you transition into motherhood: support groups, playgroups, PTA groups鈥 and not-so-physical but totally real social media groups. There鈥檚 no doubt that your IRL friends will give you heaps of helpful support, but you might also want to consider the awesomeness that Facebook mom groups can bring into your life. Check out the benefits of joining one of these super-supportive online communities.

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1. Like-Minded Moms: You can鈥檛 pick and choose the other moms who show up to baby gym and mommy-and-me music classes, but sometimes they鈥檙e the only new parent friends that you meet. A focused Facebook group gives you a major bonus: like-minded moms. There are countless parenting- and kid-related FB groups out there. Choose a few that focus on values, behaviors, or activities that are actually important to you.

2. Local Learning: It would be more than rad if you could almost instantly know about the best daycare centers, playgroups, stores, pediatricians, art classes, gymnastics programs, and babysitters in the area. If only you could have all of this info at your fingertips. Oh wait, you can! Joining a local Facebook group for moms in your area gives you the opportunity to ask for recommendations right in your neighborhood.

3. Cheap Gear: Between bouncy chairs, blankies, binkies, car seats, strollers, onesies, and everything else you buy for baby, you鈥檙e feeling kind of broke. You aren鈥檛 alone. Every mom knows the financial pressure of raising a聽kid. And here鈥檚 where a FB mom group comes in. It鈥檚 like a targeted Craigslist focused on inexpensive baby gear. You can find groups that give leads to low-cost gear, sell gear, or even allow trades.

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4. Venting Time: Sometimes you need a space to rant, rave, and get it all out there. And that鈥檚 what a Facebook group provides 鈥 and plenty of it. The best part is, when you vent, you鈥檒l have an army of other mamas backing you up.

5. Extra Anonymity: Even though you know embarrassment is something you shouldn鈥檛 feel about your parenting problems, you do. Not all the time, but sometimes you have a little issue (or even something more major), and you don鈥檛 know how to deal with it. While talking it out with your sister, your S.O., or your besties is a fab fix, a FB group has that anonymity factor. You don鈥檛 see these people when you drop your kids off at school, and they aren鈥檛 showing up to Christmas dinner. Go ahead and hide behind your keyboard as you ask your most embarrassing questions.

6. Supportive Sisters: IRL friends are your best supports, but sometimes they just don鈥檛 understand what you鈥檙e going through. Your FB mom-friends might have a similar view or be in the same situation that you are. This provides you with support that you might not get anywhere else 鈥 and it鈥檚 24/7.

7. Learning Acceptance:Mom-shaming is serious business, and you want nothing to do with it. That is, until you see a post that makes you go, 鈥淗uh?鈥 But don鈥檛 jump to judge. These FB posts, and the groups that they come from, are entirely amazing tools when it comes to learning acceptance of other parenting styles. Reading other moms鈥 posts and comments can make you a better, less judgmental mother.

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