A deadly shooting in Quebec City leads this morning’s top news stories. Check that and more out below.

1. Two gunmen opened fire during evening prayer at the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center on Sunday night, leaving six people dead and 19 more injured. Two suspects were arrested, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has issued a statement calling the shootings an act of terrorism. “Muslim-Canadians are an important part of our national fabric, and these senseless acts have no place in our communities, cities and country,” he said. “Canadian law enforcement agencies will protect the rights of all Canadians, and will make every effort to apprehend the perpetrators of this act and all acts of intolerance.”

2. A lot of people are deleting Uber — here’s why. You might have noticed a LOT of people, including many celebs, in your social media feeds posting a screenshot of them deleting their Uber account, and it has to do with President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban order. When the airport protests first started on Saturday night, New York Taxi Workers stopped service to the airport for an hour “in solidarity with thousands protesting inhumane & unconstitutional #MuslimBan.” However, Uber kept operating (but dropped surge pricing). People felt this was exploitative, and immediately started calling for others to stop supporting the app. It was also revealed that in a company-wide meeting earlier in the week, CEO Travis Kalanick (who is also a member of Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum) told employees that it was important to work with President Trump. Uber’s main competition, Lyft, meanwhile, announced yesterday that they would donate a million dollars (over the course of four years) to the ACLU to “defend our constitution.”

3. Kim Kardashian’s stolen jewelry may have all been melted down EXCEPT that massive engagement ring. The alleged leader of the Paris robbery said that the jewelry was all gone, having been taken apart, melted down, and sold, according to parts of his police testimony published in French newspaper Le Monde. He also alleged that a person is still in possession of Kim’s diamond engagement ring, saying, “Everyone was afraid to sell, because it’s a stone that’s very easily spotted.” The alleged robber also gave some creepy insight into planning the whole heist, saying, “It was enough to look on the internet to know everything, absolutely everything.” Chills. (Photo via Slaven Vlasic/Getty)

4. An OITNB star dropped a MAJOR hint about season five, and we’re freaking out trying to figure out what it means. Last night at the politically charged SAG Awards, Danielle Brooks revealed to E! News that the entire next season will take place over the course of just three days. Given the enormity of last season’s cliffhanger, we can’t wait to see how they tackle this.

5. This video of a dog putting all of her new puppies in her foster owner’s lap is a momentary pick-me-up for us all. Grayce the pit bull had 11 puppies, and one by one, she brought them over to her foster mom to show her the cuteness. Now we all get to see it. Eeeee!

6. Quote of the day: “There’s a lot of GIFs going. It’s pretty special.” Sarah Paulson tells ET about her group text thread with Ocean’s Eight co-stars Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Mindy Kaling, and we’re 100 percent calling this new #squadgoals.

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(Featured photo via Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec/Facebook)