It’s official. The numbers are in, and we’ve got the 19 most-searched costumes of the year according to Yahoo Search Trend Expert Lauren Whitehouse. Exciting, right? Some of them are Halloween tradition and others are super trendy. No matter which camp they fall in, we’ve found DIY inspiration for every single one. Dress up your kiddos, yourself or you and your friends in this year’s most loved costumes.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: There are a lot of ways to dress up as these reptilian brothers, but this is one of our favorites. Just spandex, card stock, paint and a DIY turtle shell. Put it all together, and cowabunga! (via Big DIY Ideas)

2. Pirate: For this look, just raid your closet. With a tunic top, skinnies, boots and a bandana, you could have this one in the bag. It’s a last-minute costume win. (via Sarah Forshaw)

3. Star Wars: This one doesn’t have to be made for kids, but how absolutely adorable is this? Melissa of Melly Sews has everything you need to know to get your little ones into character. (via Melly Sews)

4. Poison Ivy: A leotard, green tights, silk leaves and a red wig can go a long way for a Poison Ivy costume. It’s even easier if you’re already a redhead. (via The Sorry Girls)

5. Superhero: This year and every year, superheroes are huge for Halloween. And you don’t even need to be this tiny and cute to pull it off. (via Brit + Co)

6. Cat Woman: We think you can handle covering yourself head to toe in black leather or black spandex, but this makeup really takes the classic Cat Woman look over the edge. (via Brit + Co)

7. Monster High, Frankie Stein: This team of monster dolls seems like they were made for Halloween, so it’s no surprise that they’re a hit with the kiddos. Some funky pattern mixing, face paint and a killer wig are your way to Monster High fame. (via Anglerz)

8. Olaf: Well, dressing as Olaf can’t get any comfier than this. If you want bonus points, you could put padding underneath to make it look like your torso is a round ball of snow. (via All for the Boys)

9. Elsa: This tutorial is only for the serious DIYer, and it’s totally worth your efforts. Don’t be surprised if you walk around singing “Let it Go” all night. (via Fashionably Geek)

10. Tinkerbell: No fairy dust needed for this one. Just some thrifting skills and maybe a pair of wings. Hair and makeup tutorial included. (via Love Maegan)

11. Minnie Mouse: Got a black shirt? How about a red skirt? Surely, you have black tights. Great, just give yourself a hair bow that’ll act as mouse ears and embark on this makeup tutorial. Costume done. (via Talking Trash + Wasting Time)

12. Alice in Wonderland: Oh, goodness. We’re going to go back to this family costume as much as we can because it’s just so genius. If you can make a group costume into a family affair for Halloween bonding, by all means, do it. (via instagraph)

13. Little Red Riding Hood: This blogger not only dressed up as Little Red, her husband dressed up as the wolf dressed in Grandma’s nighties. Rest assured, both are pretty easy to accomplish. (via Lemon Squeezy Home)

14. Great Gatsby: We already loved The Great Gatsby, but when Baz Luhrmann brought the characters to the big screen, we could relive some of our favorite literary characters in a whole new way. Give it another watch and mimic a costume of Daisy’s or Gatsby’s. DIYing an entire bedazzled or befeathered dress might be a stretch (though it is doable), but you can totally handle making yourself one knockout headband. (via Buzzfeed)

15. Minion, Despicable Me: Of course, Bethany Mota makes for an adorable minion. Her DIY shows you how to turn into one of these little troublemakers. (via YouTube)

16. Maleficent: It’s all about the makeup when you’re transforming into Maleficent. Of course, you may not have an entire crew to do it like Angelina did, but Refinery29 made do just fine. (via Refinery 29)

17. Wonder Woman: The onomatopoeia headband is the perfect comic-book touch. (via FancyMade)

18. Anna: Is it any surprise that three Frozen characters made this list? Anna’s dress is not only gorgeous, but it’s perfect for trick-or-treating in colder weather. (via Yuurisans)

19. Katniss Everdeen: Basically, just look like you’ve been in a secluded forest fending for your life for a little while. Add some bow and arrows, and you’ve got it. (via Geek X Girls)

What’s your favorite from this year’s most-searched costumes? Let us know in the comments!