When you’re in a pinch for a Halloween costume, one fail-safe method is to dress up like your favorite food. At least, that’s our approach. And since we’re huge foodies here, that means we have plenty of ideas to choose from. Lucky for you, and us, there are plenty ways to dress up as your favorites snacks, sauces and sweets. Here are 17 of our favorite ways to dress as food for Halloween and look pretty damn yummy while doing it.

1. Croquembouche: If you’re not familiar with this French wedding cake made from dozens of tiny creampuffs, you are seriously missing out. Short of going out and buying one ASAP, this cute DIY costume might satisfy your craving for now. Going out for Halloween with your significant other? Have him dress as a pastry chef and you’ll be the sweetest couple around. (via Studio DIY)

2. Sriracha: If you adore the spicy stuff as much as we do, what better way to show it than by dressing up as the flying rooster bottle yourself? It’s super easy to pull this costume together with stuff you already have or could easily pick up at the craft store. Even if you have to buy supplies, total cost for this DIY project is under $10. (via Sarah Hearts)

3. Deviled Eggs: A punny takeon the classic party snack, this costume interprets the meaning of deviled above and beyond just some sinful deliciousness. (via Flickr)

4. Morton Salt Girl: This iconic look and tribute to all things salty is a cinch to pull together with items from the thrift store and your closet. Pull on a yellow dress, then break out your biggest umbrella and the heaviest container of salt you can find. If you’re not superstitious, you can scatter a little trail to complete the look. Just double check with your party hosts first. (via Keiko Lynn)

5. Franzia: Want to be the life of the party? Try literally bringing the party in your costume! Yup, this Franzia box costume is a functional wine dispenser. Of course, drinking from it yourself may present some challenges, so make sure you get your friends to bring you a glass. (via Instructables)

6. Nerds: Perfect for a couple’s costume or just two close friends, this DIY look is fun, simple and super cute. Just create the Nerds logo on some boxes, step into some brightly colored tights (or pants) and t-shirts, then string the boxes over your heads. Tape up glasses to make the transformation to nerd complete. (via Costume Works)

7. Cupcake: This sweet cupcake costume is as cute as a button. Whether you try to make this elaborate costume or DIY something simpler with a tutu and a frosting topped hat, you’re sure to get plenty of compliments on how sweet you look. (via Broadsheet)

8. Tomatoes: If you love tomatoes as much as we do, or if you’d rather dress up as another brightly colored fruit, this pseudo template costume works really well. A Chinese lamp, matching tights, and a green leaf hat are all you need to pull this off. You could use the same technique for blueberries or strawberries. (via iVillage)

9. Sushi: Um, YUM. We’re getting hungry just looking at this costume, and it’s pretty smart too. Wrap a salmon covered pillow in silvery tape, and strap the pillow to your back. Throw on some wasabi and ginger headpieces and you’re ready to hit the town, after grabbing some sushi first. (via Mayuk)

10. Taco Bell Sauce: This is a great group costume, and it doesn’t hurt that you’ll look pretty hot, too. You and your lady friends just need matching dresses in the hot sauce colors, ranging from yellow to dark red. Then print out enough Taco Bell logos to go around. (via Buzzfeed)

11. Popcorn: This costume comes together for under $30, which means you have a lot more dough to spend on snacks and drinks for your party. All you need is a cheap white tee, some paint and balloons. Oh, and make sure you also bring plenty of microwave popcorn to carry around with you. (via She Knows)

12. Spaghetti and Meatballs: Beige yarn, a red sweater and some pompoms will turn you into your favorite pasta dinner. How you’ll manage to see through a curtain of yarn pasta is up to you to figure out. (via Buzzfeed)

13. Donut: This costume makes a great project for kids and adults alike. Just grab an inner tube and decorate any way you like. If you’re headed to a Halloween party by a pool, you know you have to bring this along. (via Studio DIY)

14. Grapes: Need an excuse to play around with balloons? This cute throwback costume, which only needs a few crafty items to make, is the answer. (via EHow)

15. Pizza: Whether you’re dressing up yourself or helping your child, transforming into everyone’s favorite late-night snack is a cinch. Get ready to get super creative with felt, glue, and as many toppings as you can think of. (via DIY Network)

16. Birthday Cake: This bright birthday cake costume is definitely a bit more labor intensive than some of the others in our roundup, but trust us, the piñata inspired look is totally worth it. Top with an adorable candle hat to complete the transformation. (via Studio DIY)

17. Candy Corn: It’s Halloween, so you might as well dress up as the quintessential holiday candy: the candy corn! And since all you really need besides a tricolored dress is a paper hat, this is a great choice for any last-minute trick or treaters. (via Little Lovables)

Did we hit all your favorite foods? What are some amazing food-inspired costumes you’ve seen or made in the past year? Let us know below!