We’re no strangers to the art of a well-executed Halloweencostume. But what happens when you have a newborn and no idea what to dress ’em up as? Pure genius. What follows are 30 creative, hilarious, and perfectly-made costumes for the little ones in your life. And yes, the now-Internet-famous baby lobster in a pot totally made the list ;)

1. Baby Bjork: The ridiculous swan dress Bjork wore years ago is still relevant, and particularly hilarious when adorned by a very stylish baby. (via Cat Cutillo)

2. Baby Taco: Wait, what? It’s a baby in a taco! The crawling stage of development is key for this one. (via Costume Pop)

3. Ferocious Lion: Perhaps your little cub just can’t wait to be king? ;) (via All You)

4. Wayne and Garth: Though the photo isn’t the best quality, this might be our favorite costume of the bunch. Party on, babies. (via Geek Parenting)

5. Baby Max ($35): Is your little one a wild thing? This cuddly costume could also be great DIY inspiration.

6. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: Seriously? This is the best homemade costume we’ve ever seen. Ok, maybe that’s too extreme but it is too good. And the kid’s expression? Perfection. (via Costume Works)

7. Lil Redbeard Viking ($60): Convinced your babe is destined to grow a red beard? Time travel both backwards and forwards and dress him up as a viking.

8. Mushroom: Though this looks like your typical mushroom, this would also be such a good Toadstool costume! (via Wispy House)

9. Heinz Ketchup Costume ($25): Just the fact that this exists and is buyable makes us giggle.

10. ’80s Aerobics Instructor: Cue up A-Ha, Whitney Houston, and Culture Club and get ready to rock it. (via Homemade by Jill)

11. Thing 1 and Thing 2 ($39-$69): This classic twosome is particularly adorable when worn by twins or a couple babies similar in age.

12. Rosalie the Robot ($40): Beep boop bop bop! The only question is, can your kid do the robot?

13. Garden Gnome: Those blue eyes? Ridiculous! This kiddo could not be more perfect for playing the part of a garden gnome. (via Costume Works)

14. Strongman: What do hipsters and old school strongmen have in common? Stripes and ‘staches, of course. (via You Are My Fave)

15. Buzz Lightyear ($35): To the crib and beyond!

16. Hot Dog ($30): If you’ve got a really young one, bundle ’em up in this hot dog bunting.

17. Roast Turkey: It’s like Halloween and Thanksgiving had a baby… literally ;) (via Martha Stewart)

18. Sushi Baby ($28): Roll up your bundle of joy just like a sushi roll – seaweed included.

19. Spaghetti and Meatballs ($21): Cloudy with a chance of meatballs? This pasta-inspired frock would be pretty awesome for grownups too.

20. Goldfish: If your darlin’ can’t quite stand yet, outfit ’em in this goldfish costume and get ready to take about a million photos. Bonus points if your other kid’s in a shark costume. (via The Photographer’s Wife)

21. Lobster in a Pot: How could we not include this Internet classic? (via The Inquisitr)

22. Mr. Monopoly: We’re guessing Mr. Monopoly is pretty pooped after an epic game of chance, so prop ’em up right on the board. (via Costume Works)

23. Baby Oompa Loompa: Another one where the idea trumps photo quality – the eyebrows are our favorite part! (via I Run the Internet)

24. Baby Shark ($39): Cue up the Jaws theme music!

25. Harry Potter: Babies in glasses get us every time. (via Love + Lion)

26. Little Dobby: First of all, this child should definitely be a baby model. Second, a few quick tricks and green paint, and this could also work for a DIY Yoda costume! (via Geek Tyrant)

27. Gimli from Lord of the Rings: Guess we’re on a nerdy kick right now, so why not bring in some Lord of the Rings action? (via goingonsix on Flickr)

28. Care Bear: The best part of this? The costume was made from an actual Care Bear stuffed animal. Brilliant. (via Instructables)

29. Popcorn!: Featured last year in our roundup of homemade costumes, this bag o ‘popcorn is great for brand new newborns. (via This Place is Now A Home)

30. Little Old Man: Last but certainly not least, a little old man with a walker! SO GOOD. (via Costume Works)

Which costume is your favorite? What’s the best baby costume you’ve ever seen? Talk to us in the comments below.