Everyone wants to help the new mom immediately after the big “birth day.” Scratch that — everyone wants to help the new mama take care of her baby. But what about you? While all the people in your life (including you) are fawning over the precious little bundle you brought home from the hospital, everyone (again, including you) seems to have forgotten that you need care too. When self-care eludes your new mama mind, look to the OG of mommy-ing — your own mother — for the help that YOU need. Don’t worry about asking her for help: That’s what moms are for!

A mother and daughter hug in the street

1. Jump Starter: It’s noon and you’re still in your PJs. (Why not? You’re not going anywhere.) Losing the motivation to do anything other than mothering is easy in the first few months, so enlist your mom as your very own personal motivation coach. Along with listening to your problems, issues, or worries, she can also tell you when it’s time to get up and get out. You’ll thank her for it later. (Seriously.)

2. Personal Chef: Yeah, yeah, we all know how easy it is to point, click, and order a meal prep kit delivered to your door. But juggling a newborn and your new life can make it tricky to even just pour all of those prepped ingredients into a pan and fry them up. Plus, there’s nothing like a good ol’ mom-cooked meal. And that doesn’t just mean dinner: Your mama can make a hot breakfast, a lunch, or even a snack to keep you fueled through this busy time.

3. Lunch Date: Even though nothing can replace the meals mom makes, the four walls of your baby’s new nursery are kind of turning you into a crazy person. Right now is the perfect time to get out of the house — with your baby. Right now, your newborn doesn’t do much more than eat, sleep, cry, and poop, so before they start crawling all over the place, strap them into their comfy carrier, head to your favorite local eatery, and let your mom be the lovely lunch date that you need.

4. Laundry Duty: Yoga pants and a spit-up-covered tank are less than appealing as a new mommy uniform, but right now it seems like spending time showering your new love with love is the top priority. That’s why your mother will totally understand when you ask her to help out with laundry duty. Now you can wear everything in your closet instead of just whatever’s the least dirty.

A mother and daughter go for a hike

5. Exercise Buddy: The doc or midwife cleared you to get active again, but getting back to your regular workout routine isn’t always easy. Instead of asking mom to watch your baby, get your S.O. or a sitter to take over for an hour or so, then let mom take you to her fave workout spot and enjoy some mother-daughter family fitness time.

6. Hair Helper: Forget about the messy mom bun: You have options. Your mom can watch your newborn while you take an hour to shampoo, condition, and dry your hair (heck, why not throw in a hair mask while you’re at it?), or she can help you by playing the role of personal hairstylist. Remember the days when your mom would happily braid your hair into all kinds of intricate styles? It’s time to relive those childhood memories.

7. Starbucks Runner: The cold cup of coffee that’s been sitting on the counter since yesterday just isn’t going to cut it. And loading up the diaper bag doesn’t sound worth it for just a five-minute Starbucks run. Mom to the rescue! Ask her if she can spare a few moments to pick up your coffee — text her your order, and have her throw in drink for herself too.

8. Much-Needed Shoulder: What with the roller-coaster hormone ride you’re on, the lack of sleep, and the newness of having a newborn, you need some serious mental support. Your own mom has been there and done that already, making her the perfect person to lend an understanding ear or sympathetic shoulder to cry on. And almost nothing can take all your troubles away like a hug from mom.

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