While flowers are great and all, there’s something about a handmade craft and sweet Mother’s Day card that really makes Mom swoon. Little-kid crafts are art that comes straight from the heart, so make sure you have some QCT (quality craft time) on the books before Mother’s Day. If you’re on the hunt for the sweetest gift for kiddos to make for their mom this year, the 17 craft ideas below will hit Mom with all the feels. Scroll on to find the perfect (and cutest) Mother’s Day craft inspo.


1. DIY Treasure Box: What’s better than opening a box of treasures? DIYing one, of course. A little washi tape and paint will help those little hands master the design on this box. Add things like handmade jewelry or a sentimental card to make it next level. (via Hello, Wonderful)


2. DIY Flower Pot Treat: Flowers are a crowd fave when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. Instead of just stopping at a few botanical beauties, “plant” them in this potted treat that’s made from cookies and ice cream. Mom’s going to love the fact that she can actually eat her gift. (via Petite Party Studio)


3. DIY Bead Hair Ties: On the hunt for something that little kiddos can do? Pick up supplies to make painted bead hair ties. Mom can never have too many fashionable elastics on her wrist. (via Best Out of Waste)


4. DIY Crayon Candles: It’s not Mother’s Day if she isn’t gifted at least one candle. Use that huge stash of crayons you have to make this Crayola-approved option. (via The Pinning Mama)


5. DIY Cut-Out Square Photo Holders: Picture frames are *so* 2015’s gift. Instead of picking up a traditional photo holder at the store, DIY these instead. You’ll get some serious bonus points if you include your favorite pictures of you and Mom. (via Make and Tell)


6. DIY Painted Plate Set: It’s no secret that kids love to paint. Let them get their creativity on and brush a few coats of their favorite color onto a set of plates. Whether they go for stripes and polka dots or something abstract, there’s no doubt that Mom will want to keep them forever. Just be sure to use non-toxic paints, so you can serve her favorite cookies on them. (via Meri Cherry)


7. DIY Flower Card Bouquet: A bouquet of flowers that lasts forever? Yes, please! Print off a stencil, grab some paint and let the little ones go to town. Mom will love seeing what kind of flower her kiddo dreams up. (via Handmade Charlotte)


8. Printable Mother’s Day Book: On the hunt for something super sweet and thoughtful? Print off this Mother’s Day book and have the little munchkins fill it out and put it together. They’ll have just as much fun making it as Mom will have opening it. (via Hello, Wonderful)


9. DIY Heart Clay Necklaces: We can’t guarantee that mom will hold back the tears when she opens this gift. Use clay to make matching heart necklaces that fit together like a glove, just like you and her. (via Brit + Co)


10. DIY Block Print Tulip Napkin: Gifts that are just as beautiful as they are useful are the *best* kinds of gifts. DIY a tulip stamp using this tutorial and get ready to make your mom’s new favorite set of napkins. (via The House That Lars Built)


11. Printable Mother’s Day Accordion Card: Running low on time? Instead of creating a card from scratch, DL this printable for some extra help. Once you’ve printed it, your little ones can cut it out, fold it up and tie a bow on it. (via Lovely Indeed)


12. DIY Sugar Scrub Sand Art: TBH, sand art is one of the best parts of childhood. And one of the best parts of adulthood? Sugar scrubs, obviously. Combine them using this tutorial to create one epic Mother’s Day gift. (via Sugar + Cloth)


13. DIY Handprint Painting: Kids love this craft because they get to cover their hands in paint. Moms love it because it’s just too cute and clever. Show off those handprint crafts so Mom can look back one day and reminisce about how little their hands used to be. (via Munchkin Time)


14. DIY Origami Letter Card: Your mom will be seriously impressed when she finds out you *made* this fancy Mother’s Day card. Use this guide to create mom-approved origami for the big day. (via Zakka Life)


15. DIY Abstract Art Coasters: Coasters are a must-have for every house, which makes this DIY totally adorable and super practical. Hand over the paint brushes and let your kiddo create a beautiful set for Mom. (via We Are Scout)


16. DIY Tissue Paper Candles: Who doesn’t love a personalized photo gift? Don’t worry, these tissue paper candles only take five minutes to make, which makes them the perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gift for kids. (via Brit + Co)


17. DIY String Art Cards: Instead of giving the kids markers to create this year’s Mother’s Day cards, opt for this string art option. Not only does it add a little texture to a basic card, they’re also *so* fun for the kiddos to make. (via Hello, Wonderful)

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