We’ve been asking for years, and all Moms want are pictures of their favorite people to keep forever. And we don’t blame them! Who doesn’t love personalized photo gifts? Remember when we showed you how to personalize candles with printed pattern tissue? Well, we’re going to use this same printed tissue technique to create two different personalized photo projects in this awesome DIY Mother’s Day gift idea. The best part about this is that they only take five minutes to create.


Tissue Paper Candles



– candles

– wax paper

– tissue paper

– Sharpie

– tape


– scissors

– heat gun or hair dyer

– printer


1. Tape tissue paper to a piece of printer paper or cardstock, then print out your image.

2. Cut the image out, arrange on your candle and cover with wax paper.

3. Use the heat gun or hair dyer to melt the image onto the candle.

4. For text transfer, use a sharpie to write onto the tissue paper. Cover and melt the tissue using the steps above.


Customizing candles is this easy.


Make sure to tape the paper down well. If it’s not tight, the printer will most likely get angry and rip it up.


Separate the tissue from the paper and trim the image.


Place the tissue on the candle and wrap in wax or parchment paper. Use a heat gun or hair dyer to melt the tissue into the candle.


Look at those beautiful moms! We found that pictures with light backgrounds worked best for transferring onto white candles.


Send some extra love to mom by adding red tissue hearts to your candle.


Personalize candles with a special phrase by writing with sharpies onto the tissue paper. This is also a great idea for kids. Have them draw a cute picture and then melt onto your candle.


Love you, Mom! We suggest DIYing some extra special candle holders for Mother’s Day brunch.

Tissue Paper Sun Catchers



– embroidery hoop

– tissue paper

– printer paper or cardstock


– tape

– scissors


1. Tape tissue paper to the printer paper or cardstock. Then send through the printer.

2. Cut out your image and place into hoop.

3. Trim the edges and display.


This is the perfect personalized piece for mom, and it will only take five minutes!


Tape the tissue paper down, print, and cut it out!


Place tissue over the inside hoop and squeeze into place using the larger hoop.


Trim off the extra paper and add string if you plan on hanging.


We love our moms! These are the perfect projects to reminisce your favorite memories.


Celebrate Mom with a special brunch. Flowers are always key ;)


We found that the sun catchers read well in front of a white backdrop. Placing them right in front of a window may wash the photos out too much.


How will you celebrate your favorite chick this Mother’s Day? Share your best Mother’s Day plans with us below!