Mother’s Day is coming up, and you’re on the hunt for something your mom will really love and cherish. Of course, the latest tech gadget, breakfast in bed, and a sweet handwritten card all make for fab Mother’s Day gifts. But there’s really one thing that beats any gift you could buy or DIY: time spent together. This May 14, celebrate with your best gal by switching up your routine and trying something totally new. Scroll on for eight activities you can enjoy with your mama on this very special day.

1. Make a meal. While breakfast in bed is always relaxing, making a meal together allows your mama to teach you some (maybe much-needed!) old family recipes or new culinary tricks. Whether you’re cooking up a French toast casserole for Mother’s Day brunch or preparing all the ingredients for a super-classy tea party, the time you spend learning from each other will be just as sweet as the feast!

2. Go outside. With spring in the air, there’s no better time to bike, hike, or take a walk with your mom. If you two are the active types, use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to head outside and explore a new part of the great outdoors together. The challenges of a hike or the sweat of a good outdoor workout are bound to draw you closer. Bonus: You won’t feel as guilty about that post-workout meal!

3. Volunteer. Use your time for something good. Volunteering with anyone — let alone the woman who taught you how to be a woman — is a great way to experience new things together and help others. A few ideas: Lend a hand at your local animal shelter, clean up a beautiful community park, or help distribute food at your local food pantry.

4. Let Lorelai and Rory inspire you. If a chill Mother’s Day is what you’re looking for, grab some popcorn, comfy clothes, and create your own #MothersDayAndChill. Any show that you can binge-watch will do the trick, but Gilmore Girls is a great way to bond over the ultimate mom and daughter duo: Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

5. Host a mini book club. While some book clubs revolve around wine and friends, use Mother’s Day as an excuse to read a good book and talk about it with your wise mama. Not only will you gain some different perspectives on that book, but you may even learn something new about your mom and how she views the world.

6. Shop (with a twist). Shopping seems to be a classic mother-daughter go-to when it comes to together time. On May 14, capitalize on these old habits, but add a twist. Instead of shopping for yourselves, set a budget and shop for each other. That way, you’ll both have fun while thinking about what the other will buy — and you’ll get a little memento to remember the day!

7. Get cultural. If you’re close to a museum, zoo, or even a concert, bond with your mom by experiencing something completely new together. (Heck, embark on a weekend trip in your area!) While both of you have grown up a little since she taught you the ABCs, you’ll both love the opportunity to learn something new.

8. Capitalize on shared interests. As mother and daughter, chances are you both love something similar. Maybe you share a dying love for a hometown sports team or you both adore crafting DIY gifts. Perhaps you both love a certain heart-pumping exercise class or a cute brunch place with unlimited mimosas. Fill this Mother’s Day with activities you both enjoy, and it’s sure to be memorable.

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