Here’s Why #MyVanityFairCover Is Taking Over Social Media
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Here’s Why #MyVanityFairCover Is Taking Over Social Media

In response to Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover earlier this week Laverne Cox started the hashtag #TransIsBeautiful on social media to help showcase the varied definition of beauty in the trans community. Now, as a followup to both the Vanity Fair shoot and Laverne’s social media campaign, there’s a new trending hashtag on Tumblr and it’s giving every single trans person — and even non-binary people too — their own opportunity to star on the cover of a magazine, putting their personal stories in the spotlight along the way.

#MyVanityFairCover is a movement started by Tumblr users Crystal Frasier + Jenn Dolari when Jenn tweeted, “Where’s MY Vanity Fair cover?” To make that moment happen Crystal posted links to a Vanity Fair template and encouraged trans women to share their own cover to “show the world the myriad faces of the trans community.” This hashtag is brilliant because it is opening up the conversation outside of Caitlyn Jenner’s cover and allowing more people to redefine beauty.

While the VF covers were originally an idea for trans women to empower and remind themselves of their self worth, they are not the only ones uploading one to share their story. Crystal told BuzzFeed, “We’re happy that it speaks to trans men and non-binary folks too.”

The #MyVanityFairCover Tumblr tag page is rapidly filling up with not only cover photos but an array of stories from struggles to confidence and everything in between. These stories + images are beautiful and captivating, allowing those new to the trans community a broader understanding while further connecting those in it to one another.

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