Listen up, beauty worshippers! 2017 is officially here, bringing with it new styles to rock and looks to try. Since 2016 was seriously epic for the world of beauty (um, snow globe nails, anyone?), we’d like to hit refresh on our look by taking a glance at some of the best nail trends of the past year that will still be going strong in 2017. The year’s trends brought us a swoon-worthy color palette to work with, thanks to Pantone’s gorg colors of the year, and we snagged extra inspo from a few holiday manis. From minimalist nails to full-on claws, peruse these 36 gorgeous manicures that might stick around.

1. Rose Gold: 2016 saw the emergence of rose gold everything, much to our delight. Topping our list of must-try styles is the subtly metallic rose gold mani, with just the slightest pink hue. Yes, please.

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2. Champagne Half Moons: Truly creative individuals will go bananas for this minimalist-inspired manicure fit for the gods. The glistening shade of champagne makes for a nude-nail upgrade, and the ultra-trendy half moon base is practically mandatory for 2017.

3. Burgundy + Minimalist Gold Accent: A simple gold accent pairs with this rich shade of red for a glamorous look. Minimalists know that a few metallic dots can make a mani extra awesome.

4. Marble Multi: We saw tons of mismatched nails this year, so meet one of our faves. The colorful trifecta of gold glitter, blush and trendy marble is what got us through 2016 — and we’re bringing it right back for 2017.

5. Gold Confetti: The shiny metallic base coat is topped by colorful glitter, adding a glam factor to its already-popping style. We think the look is cheerful, bright and totally appropriate for any occasion.

6. Burgundy + Gold Gradient: Meet the most decadent form of gold glitter polish, styled to look like real gold flakes. Paired with a rich shade of burgundy, the look is impossibly luxe and glam AF.

7. Teal + Silver Tie Dye Accent: Hands down, our favorite use of tie-dye nails since, um, ever. This teal manicure features a tie-dye accent nail with splashes of metallic silver and includes the pinky finger nail in on some teal glitter action that still feels fresh for 2017. #Somuchyes.

8. Nude + Accent: Nude nails were a winter must-have this year, but left some nail enthusiasts wanting more. One solution was this white accent nail with a sparkling golden design to boot.

9. Dark Blue + Champagne: First, pair a statement hue with a neutral shade, like the glittery duo above. Then, DIY the creative nail design of your choosing. That is how edgy nail designs are made, honey.

10. Minimalist Nude, Black + White: Minimalist lovers, rejoice! We’ve discovered the perfect manicure to step up your nail game this year with a minimalist-friendly color palette: nude, black and white. Bullseye!

11. Cosmic Nails: We la-la-LOVE everything cosmic, and this galaxy-themed nail design is the best intergalactic design to ever grace the planet. It even nailed the Hubble aesthetic and incorporated glitter for maximum celestial effect. This one is a keeper for 2017.

12. Black Evil Eye Half Moon + Silver Accent: Note to self: When you happen upon a manicure this perfect, you wear it— no questions asked. Keep this in mind for Halloween 2017.

13. Black + Champagne Reverse Half Moons: We totally expect to see this art nouveau nail style this year for everything from Valentine’s Day to any after-five occasion. Trust us — black and champagne reverse half moons take cool-girl nails to new territory in the chic-est of ways.

14. Black Minimalist Contour: Contouring was kind of everything in 2016. It was only a matter of time ’til the Kardashians realize they can contour their nail beds to look thinner too. Until then, the rest of us can hack the artsy mani with a shiny top coat and a simple black design.

15. Peach Multi Accent: These three complementary shades make for utter peach perfection. Pairing peach, gold and a decadently embellished white accent nail, this mani gives off good vibes for 2017 festival days.

16. Rose Gold Metallic: If you’ve been wanting to rock a statement nail, NOW is the time to do it. These flashy AF rose gold nails are the beauty world’s answer to the must-have metallic of the year.

17. Mirror + Accent: Belgian nail fanatic Audrey combined her polish with nail art from MoYou London for some major mani perfection. Get a friend to help out with the decals, ’cause it can get super tedious. (Still totally worth it, if you ask us!)

18. Holographic Half Moons: This dark gray mani with holographic half moons is So. Effing. Amazing. This stunner is a must-try for 2017 if you didn’t get in on the action last year.

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19. Psychedelic Tie-Dye: Tie-dye nails in popping jewel tones are oh-so-perfect for your inner boho babe. Coachella is still months away, but we’ll totes be remembering this look for Weekend 1.

20. Gold Glitter Accent: The flat gold polish gets a dose of extra dimension thanks to the glittery accents at the base of the nail. The end result is golden perfection; need we say any more?

21. Marble + Champagne Accents: There is so much to love about this marble nail look, right down to its gem details and sparkly champagne accent nail. Get the bubbly ready, ’cause a mani this fly seriously deserves a celebration.

22. Reverse French: Classy girls can take a walk on the wild side by trying this reverse version of the tried-and-true French manicure. A pale shade of nude applied generously to the tip makes this style the subtlest of statement nails.

23. Mirrored Almond: Polish fashion blogger Aleksandra Maria Najda proves mirror nails are breathtaking — especially when paired with a simple black and white outfit. Top off your look with silver details to flaunt your newest fashion accessories.

24. Abstract Almond Multi: Mix ‘n’ match shimmery potter’s clay nails with nude polish for this festival-ready style. Complete the look by adding geometric designs in shades of black and white.

25. Blush Almond + Texture: Every girly-girl should try this blushing design in the season’s favorite shade. Ask for almond-shaped nails with chic blush polish and then bedazzle your accent nails with iridescent bling FTW.

26. Nude + Rhinestone Accent: FYI, almond nails look haute AF with minimalist accents. That’s why we love this nude set of nails with a simple rhinestone embellishment at the nail base for 2017 daytime goals.

27. Reverse Chrome Ombre: Pink ombre pigment with a chrome finish… what’s not to love? As those are three of our favorite things, this mani is worth a try.

28. Wet Drop Nail: These pink-and-gold beauties are the nail equivalent to a Kylie Lip Kit. Drawing inspo from Kylie Cosmetics’ famous packaging, a gold glitter drip on a blush pink base is everything.

29. Burgundy Stiletto + Glitter Underside: Holy hottie! We already loved that lush shade of burgundy on fashion-forward stiletto nails, but it was love at first glance at their glittery undersides. This style cropped up at the end of 2016, and we will DEF continue to rock it this year. #GameOver

30. Rhinestone Trim: Nude nails reigned this season in a variety of shapes and shades. This wow-worthy design features beige stiletto nails with a rhinestone outline as an accent that can be applied to any color in 2017.

31. Black Claw + Texture: Release your wild side and don a pair of 2016’s trendy claw-shaped nails. This look brings a tough texture to the mani for a jaw-dropping, edgy look.

32. Glitter Claw: Badass babes should give this look a try in the new year. These ultra-sharp claws might look downright deadly, but since they’re all pink and sparkly, who cares?

33. Chrome X Swarovski: Everything about these glitzy nails is perfectly on-trend, from their coffin-shaped ends to their pink chrome accents. What they may lack in practicality is totally made up for in cuteness.

Which of 2016’s nail trends have you tried? Show us on Pinterest!