We are all for a good bold lip or sharp eyeliner, but our favorite spring trend can be worn every day and night. While it might sound counterintuitive to use makeup to look like you’re not wearing any makeup, this trend is all about celebrating and enhancing your natural beauty. We’ve already shared our fave natural makeup products, and now we’re revealing our can’t-miss natural makeup tutorials, for those days when you wake up feeling less than #flawless.

1. Sephora TV: This tutorial is all about the basics. Sephora pro-artist Gilbert Soliz shows us how it’s done, and model #2 shows us how to DIY. (via Sephora)

2. Dulce Candy: No complicated contouring here! This tutorial makes a fresh face look easy, and we love that she does it all using drugstore products. (via Dulce Candy)

3. Lisa Eldridge: This tutorial is pure skin perfection! The English celeb makeup artist shows us how to get the most natural look for all our skin tones with options for super light to medium coverage. Is it weird that we want a cup of tea after watching this? (via Lisa Eldridge)

4. MadeULook: This tutorial is perfect for super fair skin and those of us who want full coverage while still looking natural. Alexys Fleming’s droll narration shows us how to put some life back into a pale complexion. (via MadeULook Twice)

5. Patricia Bright: Another delightful English makeup maven, Patricia Bright, takes us through her favorite natural makeup routine for summer. The tutorial has great tips for easily adding a little contouring while you put on your concealer. (via Patricia Bright)

6. Sephora: Sephora pro Erik Soto’s tutorial shows us how to nail the no-makeup look in six easy steps and under four minutes. This no-makeup makeup method is perfect for those days when we have approximately zero minutes to get ready. (via Sephora)

7. From Head to Toe: In this tutorial, we get the skinny on how to trick the eye and create that flawless finish without looking made up. Jen shows us how to cover just the spots we need to look totally fresh faced. (via From Head to Toe)

8. Jordan Liberty: Did you just go on vacation? That’s what everyone will be asking after you master this tutorial. Jordan also shows us how to use Rosebud salve in an unexpected way. (via Jordan Liberty)

9. Sjlovesjewelry: This tutorial is geared toward olive and brown Indian skin tones, and it’s all about enhancing your natural features without hiding your flaws. (via sjlovesjewelry)

10. Nicole Guerriero: In this how-to, beauty guru Nicole Guerriero shows us her favorite fresh face technique with a few different options based on how much time we have to get ready before we fly out the door. (via Nicole Guerriero)

11. Carli Bybel: Quick and easy is the name of the game in this tutorial. Carli shows us how to use a pared-down version of a regular makeup routine to get a fresh glow on the go. (via The Beauty Bybel)

12. The Glossy: A Sephora makeup pro shows us her #nofilter beauty routine in a few super simple steps. We also love that we can shop the products right from the video. (via Sephora)

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