You prefer to be in the woods rather than on a sidewalk, and you live for sunrise. If that sounds like you, then you’ll love these elegant homes that truly take their environment into consideration. Think walls of windows, trees growing through the floor and architecture that blends seamlessly into the landscape. If you didn’t consider yourself a nature lover before, you might change your mind after seeing these 17 homes that have taken indoor/outdoor living to a whole new level.

1. Studio Home: Tucked into the forest of Chiang Mai, Thailand, this house was constructed without cutting down any trees, making for a truly unique and eco-friendly footprint. Plus, check out all of that natural light! (via Got Arch)

2. Grownup Treehouse: Not for the shy, this all glass house almost blends into a pine forest in Belgium. How amazing would your morning routine be with all those windows? We definitely think it would inspires us to be morning people. (via HomeDSGN)

3. Vega Cottage: This solitary wooden cottage in Norway is the epitome of Scandinavian chic. It was inspired by the weather-beaten boathouses that line the country’s coastline. The interior is a light and bright break from the harsh gray Nordic weather. (via DeZeen)

4. Desert Home: Love nature but also love the elegance of contemporary design? This stunning home sits in the hills of Arizona, and we are ready to move in. The interior is lit up thanks to an open courtyard, and a glass hallway has you feeling like you’re walking on water. (via Design Milk)

5. Westcliff Pavilion: A solid steel structure reflects the South African forest while panels on either side of the house allow for completely outdoor living. This elegant two room house truly looks like it was built for its environment. (via Design Milk)

6. Contemporary Textures: Glass, timber and soaring ceilings combine to create a gorgeous, warm home. Located in South Carolina, this home boasts a bridge that connects living and sleeping areas and also allows the ocean breeze to blow through the rooms. (via Home Adore)

7. Gambier Island House: High ceilings, natural light and a rustic facade create a home that blends into the woods of Canada. The interior is decorated with light neutral colors so even from the outside it blends into the woods. (via Dwell)

8. Open Dining: House feeling a little dark? Take out the back wall of your room and let in some light! Pocket doors extend outside to bridge the living-dining area with the garden and help achieve a spacious feel. (via Dwell)

9. Dreamy Ivy: You’d feel like you were living in a fairytale in this ivy-covered cottage. A house of foliage feels like the perfect alternative to traditional living for the nature lover. (via Apartment Therapy)

10. Romantic Getaway: Inspired by modern yurts, this shed provides a unique indoor/outdoor sleeping experience. Reminiscent of a garden shed, the view from this bed is absolutely unbeatable. (via Dwell)

11. DIY Cabin: Featuring an entire wall of windows, this cabin was built one window at a time by an ambitious couple who wanted to take full advantage of the sunsets over their Virginian property. Scouring antique stores and salvaged barns, this project was truly a labor of love. (via Huffington Post)

12. Glass House: Part historical and part magical, this 1800-square-foot glass house is modest, but showcases some classic antique furniture and a completely open floor plan. (via NY Times)

13. Embrace the Curves: Here we have a perfect example of why you should abandon tradition and create a home you really love. Curving around the Oregonian forest, this exotic treehouse feels like something out of a fairytale, and there isn’t a straight corner to be found. (via Apartment Therapy)

14. Floating Dining: We’re always impressed when a house is incredibly designed and also manages to not harm the environment. Not only is this house completely suspended above the ground, it also features a live tree growing through the living room. (via HomeDSGN)

15. Camp Cabin Chic: Evocative of days at summer camp, this adult treehouse was built mainly with recycled materials and lots of DIY projects, including that antler chandelier. The biggest goal was to incorporate a huge tree throughout the design… definitely takes having indoor plants to a whole new level! (via Apartment Therapy)

16. Walking on Water: The boundary between inside and outside is practically nonexistent at this stunning home in Chile. Recessed windows and sliding doors are the only elements with frames, and the large window of the living room opens to the terrace and pool. (via Arch Daily)

17. Luxe Urban Lodge: Even if you live somewhere as rainy as Portland, Oregon, you can still appreciate the gorgeous outdoors. The huge deck features two fire pits for cozy entertaining and lots of windows mean only good energy comes into this home. (via Apartment Therapy)

What do you think of these houses that let the sunshine in and the trees grow through the floor? Tell us about your dream nature-loving home in the comments below!