Spring brings clarity, purity, un-layering, fresh outlooks and an urge to simplify everything! Scandinavian interiors are trending right now with their fresh-air aesthetic, quality craftsmanship and emphasis on natural light. By using rustic elements and occasional touches of color, Scandinavian rooms are restful and contemporary. Here are 30 beautiful Scandinavian-inspired rooms with fresh ideas on how to spruce up your home this spring!

1. Bright and Light: White palettes and minimalism are key when aiming for the clean modernity of a Scandinavian home. (via My Scandinavian Home)

2. Dash of Glamour: No one said you couldn’t have both glamour and minimalism! Just by adding a crystal chandelier into an otherwise very minimal room, you create a whole new level of sophistication. (via The Klein)

3. Open Shelving: Scandinavian decor is all about functionality and pared-back forms making it the perfect style for utilizing open shelving in your kitchen — like this chic little coffee nook with the monochromatic dishware. (via Daniella Witte)

4. Luxe Home Office: The Scandinavian aesthetic maximizes light, so by using reflective surfaces like this mirrored desk and gold lamps, you can make use of all the available light you have and then fake the rest. (via Design Collector)

5. Neutral Palettes: Light and cool palettes make your bedroom a little sanctuary of calm and peace. (via Skona Hem)

6. White Space: In a work space, you don’t want to get distracted. Scandinavian design places function first and then works backwards to see how much they can simplify everything, making it the perfect atmosphere to be incredibly productive. (via My Scandinavian Home)

7. Cheerful Kitchen: Minimal and neutral should never mean boring. Throwing in bright pops of color will add charm to your style. Look for items that add interest, but don’t “shout” or overpower the room. (via Lolalina)

8. Warm Wood: Wood accents play a huge role in Nordic style. You want to create a sense of connection to nature and the outdoors, so choose natural-stained wood and simple furniture pieces like this shelving unit. (via My Scandinavian Home)

9. Rustic Beams: Part of the charm of the look is how versatile it can be. It can be used for a nautical theme, a rustic cabin or a mod industrial look. Here, rough beams give warmth and comfort to an otherwise white room. (via Elisabeth Heier)

10. Simple Lines: Subway tiles are cool for a kitchen or bathroom because they add a graphic element to any wall, shower or backsplash. (via My Scandinavian Home)

11. Black Accents: Industrial chic is perfect for Scandinavian influences. Embrace the monochromatic color palette, but give it an urban twist with layered art and geometric patterned rugs. (via Passion Shake)

12. Light Fixation: Since walls and accessories are kept simple, it can be all about the light fixtures. Think Ikea and go with a huge statement piece that will really pull the room together. (via Homed It)

13. Pink and Gray: This pink and gray color palette is a gorgeous, feminine take on the Scandinavian look. (via La Maison d’Anna G.)

14. Pretty Eats: Everything about this room is creative and interesting, especially the gallery wall with the white-on-white frames and the unique, pieced table. (via Afflante)

15. Minimal Glam: By adding some cozy blankets and a pastel accent, this room becomes cozy enough for even the pickiest couch-dweller. (via House of Earnest)

16. White Tiles: Glazes are ideal for this aesthetic because of the light they reflect. Introduce tiles, colorful glassware or glossy earthenware pottery. (via The Design Files)

17. Industrial Kitchen: Let those restaurant kitchen fears subside. Using stainless steel for your cabinets and counters will give them a clean, modern look. Just don’t go overboard. And contrast with a ceramic island and elegant lighting. (via Alexander White)

18. Earthy Accents: Scandinavian decor is all about earth elements. Use a natural fiber rug to pull together the entire living room. (via Remodelista)

19. Rustic Chic: With the fur rug and wood-paneled ceiling, this room has a distinctly country feel. (via Paper Blog)

20. Cleanly Contrasted: Play with textures and accents. Who would have thought to put a worn saddle and a lucite table in the same room? (via SF Girl by the Bay)

21. Painted Floors: If you’re hating your dark wood floors, try giving them an instant facelift by painting them white. They’re easier to keep clean than you might think. When you spill that red wine… paint over the stain! (via Draumesider)

22. Brilliant Gallery: The Swedish-approved look is ideal for those of us who live in small spaces. By maximizing light and minimizing clutter, you can make even the smallest of kitchens a happy place to cook. (via Editions Doa)

23. Color Pop: Going full Scandinavian doesn’t mean boycotting your favorite color. If you love color, embrace it and use it on colorful dishes and bold, geometric throw pillows. (via Xchange Studio)

24. Concrete Bedroom: Instead of a fancy bed frame and dust ruffle (what is the point of that anyway?), try this simple lifted bed that gets you off the floor, but will keep your bedroom beautifully simple. (via Blood and Champagne)

25. Pretty and Chic: The contrast of metallics with a rough handmade table is perfect for the down-to-earth feel of Scandinavian living. (via The Poetry of Material Things)

26. Lavender Accents: Thanks to all the metallic accents and the lavender color, this room has a decidedly romantic feel. (via Jelanie Shop)

27. Modern Shabby Chic: With a room this peaceful, there is no doubt you will be able to properly clear your mind before bed. (via Style Files)

28. Small Spaces: Anything that adds texture — like a scrubbed floor, canvas chair and fluffy rug — keeps neutrals from looking stark or flat. (via Puro Deco)

29. Simple Workspace: Stripes are perfect for Scandinavian decor because they are a cleanly-designed pattern that add just an extra bit of personality and charm. (via Homed It)

30. Natural Wood: Keeping the color palette in earthy shades of neutrals will give a nature-inspired feel to the room. Plus, spring green plants will look more vibrant than ever against that harmonious palette. (via Haken’s Place)

Which of these Scandinavian rooms inspires you to do some spring updates? Let us know in the comments below!